Western Reproductive Endocrinology - The Complete Course‏

Western Reproductive Endocrinology – The Complete Course‏


perfect article

I am doing seminars in this western reproductive endocrinology and I was searching such perfect article that helps me to complete it. The bundle of knowledge about the same subject is provided here in this site and I am thanking you for sharing this with me.
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re: details about endocrinology

I was searching for the details about endocrinology and the details about studying the course. I think this site have given all the essential details about western reproductive endocrinology in module wise and thanks for sharing the entire article about the same.
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Re: Western Reproductive Endocrinology

I have gone through this article about the complete course details on western reproductive endocrinology and the same found very helpful. I have read articles about various diseases and curing those from this same site and thanks for sharing the stuffs.
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I really enjoyed the

I really enjoyed the information presented in these modules. The content was very clear and Dr. Magarelli provided great insight about the Western aspects of infertility. I think human sexuality was an important inclusion in the modules.
~ Celeste

I loved this course. It was

I loved this course. It was by far a ton of info and I will not read the Speroff gynecology book to really drive this information into my brain. Paul was a clear and excellent presenter. I appreciate the addition of TCM and his repetition of materials for clarity.
~ Christine

Very comprehensive

Very comprehensive information. At times it delved way beyond my comprehension level (which just means I need to study more - and that I needcto defer to REs as the experts in this subject matter!). A lot of genetic and biological information that I won't specifically use in my clinical practice (e.g., mitosis, meiosis, etc.) but it's good reference material so I understand the overall picture of this subject matter.

Sometimes it was hard to know what Dr. Magarelli was pointing to or indicating to on the screen as we did not have video of him. Perhaps it would be helpful in future video courses to have the speaker describe what he or she may be pointing to so that viewers at home watching these webinars at a later date would understand what he or she is indicating.

I am very very grateful to ProD Seminars for allowing me to extend my viewing time. Having a very busy practice and not so good time management, I ran out of time on watching and completing these courses. Thank you, Lorne and Jenn!

Great course

Great course

address a little bit more regarding drugs used in ART

I was hoping this course would address a little bit more regarding drugs used in ART, specifically their indications, pathways, cautions, adverse effects, etc...
~ Witold


This course was packed with information that is pertinent or those who are working with fertility issues so that you can understand where the western medical MD's are coming from and also why TCM can be integrated into their treatments for further sucess.
~ Claudia B