Rooting the Spirit: The Treatment of Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders with Sun Si Miao's 'Ghost Points'

Rani Ayal


Rani is an excellent speaker

Enjoyed this course very much. Rani is an excellent speaker. ~ Donna

engaging and clinically useful

Rani Ayal clearly has a fundamental understanding of the conceptual, historical and clinical aspects of the 13 Ghost Points according to Sun Si Miao. I found the material and his presentation lucid, engaging and clinically useful. I Feel like this course was, however, just an introduction to a profound method of diagnosis and treatment, and for understanding some of the deeper aspects of human nature and human development. ~ Efrem

This was an exceptional presentation.

This was an exceptional presentation. I would by all means hope to have the opportunity to study any topic with Rani Ayal on Pro D as soon as it could be possible ~ Teresa

astounding lecture

What an astounding lecture. This knowledge imparted ideas I had long suspected, but had never fully understood or ever had confirmed. Thank you so very much! ~ Elizabeth

very clear

Rani conveyed the material very clearly and respectfully. ~ Rosemary


Excellent and relevant. ~ Candice

Found myself very inspired

Found myself very inspired; will definitely look into applying more stem/branches analysis in my practice. Until the time comes for the Ghost point... ~ Svetlana

very good instructor

Rani Ayal is a very good instructor presenting an interesting and compelling topic, Ghost Points.
Backed by years of experience, he explored a difficult subject with confidence and clarity. ~ Louis

very impressed with Rani

I'm very impressed with Rani's knowledge, experience, and delivery. I would like to do more of his courses. Thank you for the opportunity.

much appreciated the sincerity of the presenter

Very much appreciated the sincerity of the presenter and the sharing of knowledge and clinical practice experiences ~ Lilijana