Practical Skills for a Successful Fertility & Pregnancy Practice

Jani White


wealth of knowledge

Jani has a wealth of knowledge that she loves to share. Thank you. Course notes are invaluable but it was the extra information that I need to develop and understand further. ~ Nicole

Great speaker

Great speaker, great energy; kept the talk interesting and informative ~ Priyanka

I absolutely enjoyed the speaker.

I absolutely enjoyed the speaker. I loved her antics and how she animated the things she was talking about. I found myself wanting to watch some of her lecture over and over and that is why it took me so long to complete the course, because I really wanted to capture everything she was saying and commits it to memory. ~ Sheryl

felt like she just rambled on

There was a lot of wasted time on irrelevant informatio, felt like she just rambled on. Presenter was not professional, use of inappropriate gestures and language. ~ Shilpa

Excellent, engaging course

Excellent, engaging course and looking for more of Jani's lectures. I've already highly recommended her to many colleagues and friends.

Jani is amazing!

awesome class! Jani is amazing! ~ jessi

This was a wonderful course.

This was a wonderful course. I really enjoyed Jani and her knowledge, teaching style. I really appreciate her sharing this huge amount of information and experience. It was way too much to get through in the time of the seminar, but I am happy to have the slides. However, I would not want to give up her interesting stories and tips thrown in there that make the seminar really special. Jani is a wonderful presenter and a wealth of knowledge. ~ Robin

I look forward to more courses by Jani White

I look forward to more courses by Jani White. She is a very knowledgeable and passionate speaker. I enjoyed her course very much! ~ Renee

I loved this course

I loved this course. Thank you. What an informative and engaging lecture. I can't wait to see more from Jani. Many thanks. ~ belinda


Amazing presentation. Thank you. ~ Svetlana