Pediatric Essentials: Practical Training to Jumpstart Your Pediatric Practice

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Acupuncture, Herbology, TCM Theory
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Pediatric Essentials: Practical Training to Jumpstart Your Pediatric Practice


Loved the material, presenter

Loved the material, presenter and format...was my first Pro D Seminars.
~ Karen

This is an outstanding

This is an outstanding course! I was so pleased with the very thorough and well researched information the instructor shared. She not only provided an excellent and expansive body of knowledge about pediatrics but did so in a very well organized and pleasant manner. She is a very good instructor. The information was also very grounded in practical application of pediatric practice as well as the theoretical background of pediatric disease from TCM perspectives. This is the first course I have taken in a
live webinar setting and I was very pleased at the setup and found the time really flew by due to the interesting information presented. I appreciate Robin sharing her many years of study and experience in TCM Pediatrics as well as her hard work in developing this course.
~ Shauna

Great introductory course.

Great introductory course. Would love to learn more!
~ Karen

Robin is an excellent

Robin is an excellent presenter. She was very organized and clear in her explanations. She covered so much information and had so many great recommendations - I feel very confident to get started treating children.
~ Naomi

That was one of the best

That was one of the best courses I had.
~ Liat

Great lecture! ~ Nicholas

Great lecture!
~ Nicholas

Fantastic well organized. ~

Fantastic well organized.
~ Erika

This was a great

This was a great course!!!!!!!
~ Anne

I really enjoyed the course,

I really enjoyed the course, Robin was great. Also the team at ProD was attentive and helpful. I am so happy to be able to get my credits while sitting in my living room. The ability to go back and review the information again throughout the year is an amazing feature. Thanks so much.
~ Mary

Good course. I am looking

Good course. I am looking forward to learning more in depth and growing my peds practice!
~ Gabrielle