Optimizing Ovarian Reserve

Optimizing Ovarian Reserve


Really enjoyed this course.

Really enjoyed the instructors style of lecturing and the info was very clear.

Very impressed

I was particularly very impressed by the information presented by Brandon. He links these western medicine concepts very well with chinese medicine protocols and forces you to think outside of the box. I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar.

It was really long....many

It was really long....many hours, especially if you ever paused for any reasons. Maybe a little alert to how many actual hours the course contains would be helpful before purchase, or even after, but somewhere that it could be easily read without having to click on each module.
However, the course was great! Seriously, these phrases are overused, but they are all that will do; it was quite mind blowing and I would say "next level!" Brandon & Wendy are probably some of the smartest, most integrated current day practitioners of acupuncture and herbal medicine that I have heard in a long time.
~ Kara

Learning a lot

Learning a lot, thanks!

Depth of presented

Depth of presented information and research both impressive and quite useful.

~ Jenny

This was a fascinating and

This was a fascinating and very useful course.
~ Jeffrey

Great seminar

I would have liked more case studies at the end and more on specific acupuncture point combinations/herbs but overall it was a great seminar and I learned so much about the biochemistry of fertility.

Not familiar with the treatment approach, nice to see examples

I felt that there is an enormous amount of material covered in this course and that I will need to continue training in order to be able to really integrate it into my practice. The treatment section and much of the herb theory is unfamiliar to me. So it was nice to have examples, but I am just not familiar with the treatment approach and it is very different from what I have been taught. And, the way that herbs were utilized in the treatment example is also far from how I use herbal remedies to promote fertility. So, all in all, good for me to be exposed to different approaches. I also feel that Brandon and Wendy can be overly academic and then quickly switch to a very philosophical approach without warning. So, it seems as if they are very clinical in how they apply Chinese medicine to the Western physiological approach to diagnostics and then we get a little Chinese medicine mixed in. I guess I would love to see them at work because this is very appealing to me.

Clear and concise

Branden and Wendy were clear and concise in their delivery. Excellent Power Point and diagrams

One of most favorite courses through Pro D

One of most favorite courses through Pro D. A wealth of knowledge clearly taught-can't wait for more Brandon and Wendy courses. ~ Helen