Male Fertility - Treatment of Infertility

Male Fertility - Treatment of Infertility


Excellent information

Excellent information about treating male infertility ~ Charles

Brilliant! I loved all the

Brilliant! I loved all the integration of Eastern and Western medicine! I learned so much about the biomedical aspect of male fertility, and the way it these concepts were consistently related back to TCM principles really helped to deepen my understanding of both TCM and male fertility. I would love to see more from this speaker in the future!
~ Genevieve B

Excellent info

Enjoyed the speakers calm demeanor, excellent info. inspired to treat more male infertility now

Another great class!

Another great class! What a great teacher. Great information. Would liked to have been able to see the video that Lyttleton shared showing the IVF procedure. ~ Kimberly

feel comfortable treating it.

Good course. Feel like I know a lot more about the subject and feel comfortable treating it.
~ Kristie