The Fertility Patient and Thyroid Autoimmune Disease


I was interested in this

I was interested in this class based on the fact that I did not feel I had a full grasp on what thyroid autoimmune disease is, and what to do for patients with it. I feel I have a good understanding now, and tools for how to support these patients. ~ Jennie

Leslie did a really great job

Leslie did a really great job here. I like how she reviews material she covers. I like how she gives and overview. I like that she doesn't speak slowly to draw things out. She made the material very accessible and she clearly knows what she's doing. I hope she does more courses. I would suggest perhaps a better microphone and audio processing. ~ William

Excellent course!

Excellent course! Clear delivery of the information, easy to assimilate. ~ Amanda

Excellent course

Excellent functional medicine look at the endocrine system - thank you! ~ Andrea

great presentation

A great presentation on the subject. I found it very informative. I found it very rude that the moderator kept injecting his own opinion into the seminar. ~ David Green

excellent teacher

Great course, excellent teacher, very thorough information, well laid out ~ Corrine

material is comprehensive

This course is a valuable tool in learning what is a thyroid autoimmune infertility (TAI), how to treat it and the importance during conception. The material is comprehensive and focuses on all the aspects that affect and trigger TAI.

I enjoyed this course

I enjoyed this course. I would have liked to learn a bit more about TCM support, but overall feel like I learnt a lot.

Leslie should teach more courses!

Leslie should teach more courses!

Leslie Oldenshaw is wonderful

Leslie Oldenshaw is wonderful - extremely well informed and articulate and clear. She is a credit to our field.