Developing a Working Relationship with a Medical RE&I Clinical Practice

Developing a Working/ Productive Relationship with a Medical RE&I Clinical Pract


I loved the lecture

I loved the lecture with these two fabulous practitioners. I wanted more talk about the FSH, LH and the specific hormone roles during the lecture and more direct links to the IVF and acupuncture studies. I will go on her website to read more.~ Tina

great course

Overall, this was a great course. ~ Gayla

Love listening to the collaboration

Short course with practical information. Love listening to the collaboration between Magarelli and Cridennda - Monica

Very entertaining!

I really enjoyed that the course was taught by both Paul Magarelli,MD and Diane Cridennda,L.Ac. It gave the subject much more depth (and was very entertaining!)to hear both perspectives. I will definitely use this information in helping to bridge the gap between East and West within the context of my own career. Thank You! ~ Alison

The overall info was good /

The overall info was good / informative for real-life application. They breezed over some very important information in the slides: Female hormones. I would have loved a quick review here and also would like to know what they are looking for in blood work.

Helpful information in

Helpful information in practical practice of professional relationship with RE.

Very helpful learning the

Very helpful learning the steps how to connect with RE&I and developing working relationships. The research was a little rough to get through. I wish we focused more on important research and not really on statistical basics.

Good details of developing a

Good details of developing a working relationship with a medical RE&I in a clinical practice.

The first half of the course,

The first half of the course, with information on getting a meeting with an RE&I and how to present yourself and acupuncture, was excellent. The second section was also helpful, but was less clear regarding biomedical information that one needs to understand. The discussion on statistical analysis and studies and meta-analysis was very helpful.

Excellent information

Excellent information