Sharon does a fantastic job at making the course content seem so practical. She has a way with analogies that makes it so easy to absorb the information!

This 13 PDA/CPD/CEU online course will view the Shang Han Lun through the lens of obstetrics and gynecology. Through this view we will deconstruct the subtle internal structure of the Shang Han Lun/Jin Gui Yao Lue. By understanding the scaffolding that organizes the text, the entire architecture of it becomes available to the practitioner. Participants will not only learn some clinically effective ways to work with issues in gynecology, they will also leave with a way of looking at the text that will open up other possibilities for treatment in internal medicine.

During this course we will learn to skillfully apply some commonly used formulas in new ways as well as how to apply some here-to-for obscure formulas that are unsurpassed in their value for women.

Areas to be covered are:

  • Blood issues in pregnancy (extremely effective prevention of pre-eclampsia)
  • Nausea in pregnancy
  • Habitual Miscarriage
  • Post partum issues including depression
  • Menopausal issues
  • Vaginal dryness and pain
  • Bleeding issues

Formulas to be covered

  • Dang Gui Jian Zhong Tang
  • Xia Yu Xue Tang
  • Di Dang Tang
  • Shao Yang formulas for menopause
  • Dang Gui Shao Yao San
  • Zhi Shi Shao Yao San
  • Gan Cao Xie Xin Tang
  • Gan Jiang Ren Shen Ban Xia Tang
  • Dang Gui Sheng Jiang Yang Rou Tang
  • Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan
  • Wen Jing Tang
  • Dang Gui San
  • Zhu Pi Da Wan
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Sharon Weizenbaum


Sharon Weizenbaum graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture in 1983 and has been practicing Chinese medicine for over 30 years. Her first gynecology teacher was Dr. Zhu Shu-rong from Shang Hai. In 1990 she traveled to Hang Zhou where she studied herbal gynecology with Dr. Qiu Xiao-mei as well as Chinese language. She continued her language study at Mt. Holyoke College and translates much of her own teaching materials. In 2007 she traveled back to China to study classic formulas with Dr. Huang Huang, who continues to be one of her teachers. She studied and apprenticed with Kiiko Matsumoto for 12 years and developed Integrative Mandala Acupuncture as a synthesis of her study with both Chinese and Japanese acupuncture teachers. Sharon is the director of White Pine Healing Arts clinic and educational facility. She teaches the Graduate Mentorship Program and Integrative Mandala Acupuncture nationally as well as shorter courses. Her articles have been published in The Lantern and in the North Amercan Journal of Oriental Medicine. She is known for her engaging, clinically relevant and clear teaching style.

Sharon Weizenbaum

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I was really ready for a functional view of medicine that did not include a pathogen and war with the pathogen view.  I loved the way this classic view of the body and life allow for an understanding of wellness that supports, what "knows how" in the body.  I can't wait to apply this in my clinic. ~ Leslie

I have had the good fortune to study with Sharon Weizenbaum for 15 years and have found the content and method of her teaching to be both clarifying and profound. Sharon is able to distill the classical teachings of this ancient, esteemed medical system into easily comprehended and clinically relevant material for the contemporary Western practitioner without the smoke and mirrors of the "Ancient Chinese Secrets" attitude I have found to sometimes afflict this material in other hands. Thank you, Sharon! You demystify the material while preserving the beauty and elegance of the medicine's metaphors. ~ Sheila

Sharon does a fantastic job at making the course content seem so practical. She has a way with analogies that makes it so easy to absorb the information!

Sharon's courses fill all the gaps and misunderstandings I still have from TCM school and they offer information that is clinically useful immediately. ~ Sandra

Another stellar course from Sharon where one can take the information and start applying it in the clinic on Monday morning. She never fails to amaze and inspire. ~ Victoria