A Bun in the Oven: Chinese Medicine's Approach to Treating Infertility and Miscarriage

A Bun in the Oven: Chinese Medicine's Approach to Treating Infertility and Misca


I loved the exposure to new techniques

I loved the exposure to new techniques, thoughts and knowledge. I also appreciate all the different new web sites Heather has given, can't wait to read them ~ Robyn

Well done

Well done. Great presentation. The moderator was perfect too! ~ David

extremely captivating

I found this course to be extremely captivating. Heather is an excellent public speaker. I do feel that the slides were not super clear sometimes as the type was very small and fuzzy, especially in the infographics. Such a bummer because her content was fascinating. I was also a bit perturbed by some of the stuff she said throughout the course about her methods of treatment and things she says to her patients ... I would be way too scared of lawsuits/malpractice to ever practice the way she does. I was also disappointed that she seemed to be selling all of us on her other various e-books and paid website content. Seemed a little gimmicky.

Loved it!

Loved it! ~ Courteney

liked Heather's approach to Fertility

I really liked Heather's approach to Fertility and her emphasis on Wellness and "old-school" knowledge. I appreciated her sharing all of the interesting information from her teachers as well as from her many years of experience - it is info. that I feel very fortunate to have and will definitely use. I think her presentation, including slides, could be better organized to make the seminar flow better. I also would have liked her just to lay out the different minerals and information as well as the different websites of hers and what to find there, rather than to keep referring to all of this in a less organized way. ~ Robin

very informative

I found the course very informative and have already started using a lot of this new knowledge with my pregnant clients :) ~ Jessica

Interesting information

Interesting information. Refreshing to see a practitioner think outside the box and not have to have scientific validation for everything. She has some very valid points of regarding ethics of putting the babies health first via the mother and really bringing back common sense old school principals, such as diet, sleep,...! Presentation felt a little rushed. She a character!!! Kudos to Lorne for moderating this one!

The notes for the seminar

The notes for the seminar could be a bit more structured/organized. Case studies and information/notes tend to be all over the place, jumping back and forth making it hard to follow at times.

Also, although Heather herself is obviously very experienced, her presentation style tends to be rather negative/disparaging at times. So I came away from the lecture feeling informed, but not necessarily inspired as I have been from other presenters. ~ Mun-Yee

Great course

Great course ~Irene

Very good presentation and

Very good presentation and techniques.