Acupuncture strategies to dramatically improve IVF success

Acupuncture strategies to dramatically improve IVF success


e-stim combo [from this course]

“I have used this e-stim combo [from this course] in a few cases both where I had a patient stimming prior to a retrieval and where I had patients on Femara with blocked tubes and follicles which were failing to fully mature on the side with the patent tube. I was fortunate in that all of these patients were getting daily or near daily monitoring and I must say the results were astonishing. One case in particular the two follicles my patient had on her patent side went from 13mm to 20mm in 24 hours after e-stim. My patients and their providers have been very surprised and pleased with the results.” Molly

Holy buckets, I totally recommend this course!!

Holy buckets. Brandon Horn really is amazeballs. He's a fantastic presenter and teacher. Admittedly, I'm going to have to go back and watch everything over a few times to really absorb all of the information (this course is extremely dense). But nonetheless, it is still packed with useful information which has helped deepen my understanding of hormones, their function in the body, how IVF works, and how to best prepare all of my patients for it, regardless of what type of responder they may be. Beyond this, my patients have also found some of this information useful. This course is highly worth the investment. Two days after finishing it, I found myself in an IVF suite with a patient about to have a transfer who had elected acupuncture before and after. She was a smart woman and asked me how she was supposed to benefit from acupuncture. Thanks to this course, I was able to cite studies, describe how it was going to help her, and what advantage it gave her in terms of conceiving. Also I was able to do that in a way that sounded erudite and confident, which set her at ease and put her in a good place for her transfer. I totally recommend this course!! ~ Mary

great course.

This was a great course, very informative, good mix of background information/review of cycle/hormones, then practical application. ~ Gianna

I learned a lot

This is such an interesting course, I learned a lot though first I had to pause it continually. I wish there were an introductory course to cover the western science pertaining to fertility as he was teaching to a more advanced audience than I expected. ~ Kristin

Really liked this

Really liked this course!

I was surprised at how much

I was surprised at how much time was put into the studies. If I had known this to start with, I would have purchased a different pregnancy seminar.

Presentation was excellent

Presentation was excellent and I was impressed by the knowledge of instructor. However, based on the title of course, I expected more about acupuncture treatment strategies in this course.

Great class. Lots of useful

Great class. Lots of useful info!

Excellent lecture series

Excellent lecture series providing more in depth knowledge regarding IVF and acupuncture, including the complications that can occur if the correct protocol is not chosen and how to remedy this. Great to have insight directly from those who have conducted research into the area. Brandon Horn is clearly well educated and has an abundance of knowledge in this area, as does Wendy Yu.

I was expecting this to be

I was expecting this to be more heavily weighted on discussing different Acupuncture protocols for IVF treatments and it was more heavily weighted in the Western theory of infertility. If you spent more time on the acupuncture protocols with better quality videos, and also gave us a flow chart for different conditions that are causing the patient to be infertile, and provided us with detailed herbal and treatments options, that would be great!