Wiseman's TCM Dictionary on Pleco

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Wiseman's TCM Dictionary on Pleco

Wisemans TCM dictionary is now available electronically through the Pleco dictionary (ipad/ iphone/ android). This is great news for those who already read chinese or for those who are currently taking our course online at ProD Seminars

A Comprehensive Introduction to Reading Medical Chinese - 15 CEUs

In our course we already recommend some different free dictionarys that can be used on and offline for the ipad/ iphone/ android and your computer, however the addition of Wiseman's dictionary is welcome to the community.

Currently for android it is 50$

The iphone/ ipad version is available on iTunes.

If you don't yet read TCM chinese, now is the time! Our course makes it easy to get started and takes you through everything, step-by-step. Learning to read medical chinese is an investment of a lifetime for TCM practitioners!