twin to twin transfusion syndrome

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twin to twin transfusion syndrome

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with twin to twin transfusion syndrome. I have a patient who just discovered she has this. The babies are both good size with good heartbeats, but apparently one is "stealing" fluid from the other. She is 19 weeks.
The patient did conceive through IVF, however they only transferred 1 embryo because they didn't want to worry about having issues with twins. In an interesting twist of fate, that embryo split and they have identical twins.
Thanks so much!
Kerri Myatt

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Hi Kerri. This has just been passed to me and may be out of date,but anyway: if you are asking about the role of acupuncture in this case, then I would say, it can only be used in a supportive role for the mother. TTTFS is a serious obstetric complication, and I do not know of anything that acupuncture can do to help the babies. It is not the same in every case, and the outcomes vary tremendously, but I'm afraid it is often not good for one of the twins, if not both, depending on the severity. If you want to know more about the condition, you could try looking at the website of the RCOG (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) where you will find quite a bit of information. As I said above though, I am sure acupuncture and your supportive role can make a real difference to the patient herself through this. I am sorry if this has not been what you were hoping for but I hope it was still helpful. Best wishes. Sarah

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