Semen Analysis Question-post Dr. Mag class on creating relationship with REI

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Semen Analysis Question-post Dr. Mag class on creating relationship with REI


This class is perfect timing for me, I'd just posted a related question on the ABORM forum, the answer of which was thoroughly covered in this class. :-)

My quandary had been over the fact that I frequently get SA assessments from OBs or PCPs that are assessed as normal when they clearly are not. Anyway, I now clearly see the answer. However, now I'm wondering how to best proceed when someone comes back with a SA indicating subfertility, that was conducted anywhere except a fertility center with an andrologist, (Assuming the results aren't so bad that it looks like the man is just so infertile that TCM can't help get the numbers up enough to not need ART/ICSI, etc)

Should I immediately have them repeat the analysis at our local fertility center, just to verify the results? Should I just have them bring that report into the fertility center and go from there? If the results look like TCM can help boost the numbers up enough to achieve pregnancy naturally, should I just let the results stand as is and just use TCM to boost his fertility?

Lastly, I typically start off asking women to have their husband's semen tested (all these cases were husbands of my female infertility patients) and just recommend they do it at their PCP, simply because it's cheaper for the patient, they don't have to make a special appointment for it, etc. Should I not be doing this and instead just start recommending that everyone start off from the get go at our local fertility center to have it done?


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any semen analysis that is abnormal from a "general lab" is likely to be SEVERELY abnormal if done in an andrology lab.

Screening for abnormalities is what YOU and PCP do... determine what do to with an abnormal SA is what a fertility doctor does...

Cost/Benefit... at HQA Fertility Centers we only charge $ 45 for a comprehensive high complexity semen analysis... specifically to address your concerns...

hope this helps

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