Placenta Previa

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Placenta Previa

I'm currently working on a case of placenta previa and would love some mentoring and guidance to work with my patient.
She is currently 27 weeks along and has presented with partial placenta previa. Where is the best research/point protocols that
I can find on this ??
Thank you so much,
Sarah Rapaport L.Ac.

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Hi Sarah
Approximately 25% of women are diagnosed with this on their scan in 2nd trimester. This can be low lying or complete ( where it covers the cervix). As the lower segment of the uterus grows in later pregnancy the placenta usually also moves up with low lying placentas. This means that only approximately 0.5- 1% of women actually need a C section at term.
This means that if you treat 100 pregnant women a year, 25 women would present in your clinic but only 1/2 to one a woman would require a C section. Will the underlying physiological action I'm not sure that we can actually claim that any acupuncture will make a difference - If its completely covering the cervix it may be unlikely to move and may be better to use acupuncture to help the women prepare for C section
My advice is to tell the women the stats for how this is likely to move by its self and offer to treat her for constitutional treatment or addressing any other problems she has ...
Hope that's helpful
Best wishes

Lisa L
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Hi Sarah,
This is completely anecdotal, for as Debra mentioned, it is rare for placenta previa to actually present a problem by birth time. This makes it difficult to judge whether acupuncture has made a difference or not.
That being said, I have seen a few cases in clinic now, where we performed indirect moxa to St 36 and Du 20 (being very careful of course, to hold the hair down against the head), and the placenta moved up steadily over the next few weeks.
I have no idea if the moxa worked, or if the placenta was going to move anyway, but seeing it seem to work 3-4 times now has been exciting, and it might be worth a try.
Best to you,
Lisa Lowe, L.Ac.
Arvada CO

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