Lab Interpretation Insight?

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Lab Interpretation Insight?

I recently took Dr. Oldershaw's class and was looking at a man's results. Comments about these results would be appreciated.

35 yoa male with low libido
Total testosterone: 3.4 ng/mL (2.49 - 8.36)
Free T: 7.34 pg/mL (3.84 - 22)
DHT: 260 pg/mL(250 - 990)
DHEA: 213 mg/dL (88.9-427)

I can't tell if there is any subclinic reason in his testosterone related hormones that could be causing this. Does anything stand out here?

Also, his LDH is 209 U/L (200-400) but from Dr. Oldershaw's class she was using a much lower reference range (140 -180 U/L). Which one is correct?