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Leg Routine Part 3 - Dead Lift As a whole, you have variations in the exercises to choose from and a good mix of angles and styles to develop good muscle development. Experts will tell you the deep squats are of more benefit to muscle development than just going to 90 degrees. Some individuals have a lot of difficulty getting "ass to grass". Here are a few tips to help you get there. Deep Squats with a Wider Stance Keep Your Heels Up Flexibility 1. Best Exercises for Abs 3. Best Exercises for Biceps 7. Best Exercises for Quads 9. Best Exercises for Triceps What is Strength Training? Max Peak XL Why is Strength Training Important for bodybuilding, weight loss and fitness? How do I perform strength training? How do I manage strength work in my workouts? Incorporating strength training into a bodybuilding (hypertrophy) workout.