Heather Bruce - Blocked Tubes Infertility

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Heather Bruce - Blocked Tubes Infertility

During Heather Bruce's class:

She stated she can clear blocked tubes. I asked her to clarify her statement and I expressed my concern that this may cause TCM practitioners to mislead their patients that they can open the tubes and cause unnecessary delay for IVF (often used for blocked tubes).

Here is Heather's response

Lorne’s unanswered question – blocked tubes

I will preface this with a few disclosures –

I believe
• That the body can heal itself.
• That the person has to be a part of their healing, and that it is not me that is doing the work, but energy working through me. I act as a catalyst.
• That the relationship spirit/mind/body needs to be intact and whatever I can do to assist with this can only help.

Also that I have a massively brain injured adult (aged 27 years now) daughter, profoundly autistic. There is a site or those who may wish to know what others may do as a guide to also help their own much loved family member here.

• That she was my major teacher and after being a problem solver for others in clinic for 10 years and a course designer/writer and teacher of healers for 7 years, I was sidelined as I learnt the steps needed when given a ‘hopeless’ prognosis.

This means that I understand that taking self to the boundaries of belief and pushing through is crucial and that without his, often the ‘fee for service’ paradigm is useless as a healing tool – the work that counts comes from within.

From here it may make more sense to the reader to start with what Lorne asked /challenged me with in the presentation, and what we did not have time to get back to.

Blocked tubes
Background . . .
35 years ago in practice, before there was IVF and laser and laproscopies, life was more interesting as a healer.
People would come in desperate and as they had no other options, would follow all the suggestions given.
I worked on the assumption that the body could undo itself, and would return to there once what was stopping it was gone. This meant it was a matter of working out what was blocking healing and allow the body to get on with it.

The only limitation really is what boundaries we place on ourselves.
Those with Christian beliefs know this and ask for other help.
In my work, I have with the strong belief that the body wants to heal and when I find out why it can’ and help it over this hump, then the person may return to their innate blueprint.

It is particularly so in cancer work. I was in the 1990’s seeing at least 1/3 of my patient base as being ill with AIDS, 1/3 pregnancy/infertility and the rest general business – so I got very aware of my limitations – they were far les than what the patient population had been told to expect. Having had my training when I regularly stemmed bleeding stomach and duodenal ulcers, had massive rheumatoid arthritis ‘wins’ through getting peel to change their diet and lifestyles, I knew that what created the problem had to be resolved also.
This means the healing is not about what I do, but the catalyzing changes that are instigated through my actions and what the person then can achieve for themselves.
As an acupuncturist (no TCM then) I also trained as a western herbalist and naturopath. Also I was taught acupuncture by a chiropractor who was also into ‘Touch For Heath’ and anything else that would assist the body /mind to help itself.

As a Bach flower essence trained herbalist, all herbal tinctures had the vibrational essences to assist the emotional blockages also in the mixes.

As we were all trained in soft tissue work, lymphatic drainage was and still is part of what I call an acupuncture treatment. This means that needle stimulation is not done as I can do a far better job with massage/adhesion breaking and drainage techniques - freeing the phlegm and damp and of course the Stuck Qi/Blood.

Hence when a woman was supposed to have blocked tubes – I called on far more than a few needles to help and the ‘diagnosis was not TCM but what was happening to that person – and with their background of having that life – that had scarred them in that way . ..

• Red clover tea was drunk twice daily (simmered not steeped).
• Castor oil packs (so useful in all of Edgar Cayce’s work) were used – often nightly and sometimes for months).
• Western herbal tinctures - that I had used successfully on cervical cancers often – were employed – at the dose rate of 10 drops x 3 daily – tinctures with homeopathic mixes of some ingredients and of course the Bach flower essences in them. (This was in the time when cancer was far easier to treat as there was not the plethora of ‘fee for service’ options (none actually working with the causes of the problems – but being reactive) and many were just told to ‘go home and get their affairs in order’).
• Lymphatic drainage and other soft tissue massages
• Moxa - real - on all needles, and burnt as a matter of course in almost all cases.
• Diet changes – as ingredients had to be on offer for the body to utilize.
• Instructions as to homework – this changed with different people but always involved spending time with self, undoing what things meant to them and being in nature as a reflective tool.

This formed the backdrop.
Of course back then people did not drink caffeinated beverages at the rate that happens now. Their sugar consumption was very low. The dietary fat was not as it always had been = animal, saturated and margarine was just starting to become the new rage – for health reasons. . . this was taken over by the ‘low fat’ craze, about the same time as the very plastic lifestyle, along with escalation in body accumulations of fat, alcoholic bingeing and the entire catastrophe that we pretend is normal when trying assist anyone with any condition ..

Much more on this is found in the pages of diet, sugar and essential minerals and vitamins on www.simple-natural;-solutions.com.au What is now on these pages as the links to Sally Falloon, of the Weston-Price-Pottenger foundation is also there to show how we all got into this mess – and how we can undo it. Eat better- for life.
Acute listening and observing then played a part – as the body does not break down by itself. What I learned then was how to allow a safe space for the story to bubble up to the top. Having a model to place it all in helped, and if that model did not seem to fit, there were at least others on board, as we were not taught just one (TCM organ pathology) but meridian energetics, the classical five element methods and the Stems and Branches a la Dr van Buren.

We were also not practicing reactively as biomedicine teaches, and can only do, but worked reflectively – and the whole person was there and had a life reservoir to be emptied or at least redirected. By not concentrating on the bit that they may have felt wanting, or the outcome that they desire, all was restored to where it was supposed to be. Blocked tubes? Then became a simple case of undoing what clogged them up.

The women had no other choices but to do what she could at home to continue what I was doing in clinic as without her efforts, she would not get rid of the terrible pain and bleeding problems – as endo and its ‘treatments’ was not part of the game then - and the tubes if she had had infections and so on – were needing clearing.

Women who were previously barren got pregnant under this regime – it was holistic - it was not based on what I did in the hour they were with me directly, but the encouragement and helpful hints that they went home and put into practice.

Also was firmly entrenched that they had to eat better -and of course take a few vitamins and hand them also over to their partner as invariably they were wanting to get pregnant.

(Back then the lifestyles issues reflected the far better sperm counts and make least possible fertile numbers were at the 80% looking normal when I started working in fertility – so it was an easy thing to ‘tweak’ her and whatever was happening for him – as she was feeding him differently – and they were both dong homework – especially different sexual practices – would resolve.

There were also no distractions as today – no one else saying ‘pick me’ – as none was able or interested to help – and the natural way – undoing what was blocking the body healing – was the only other option.

(The natural health practitioners had their hands full with what was walking in the door – and as most people were too fertile, with far too many children already, it was not ever considered. The medical people had no options prior to IVF, past restitching retroverted uteri back in place, and possibly giving out positional advice for reproductive sex).

This set the scene for ‘compliant’ patients.
And very good results as an outcome.
The women I could not help get pregnant wee those whose partners would not show up – which was almost all. As they were nothing like as infertile as what is being now called ‘fertile (4% looking normal) this was a simple matter of her helping him across the baby line.

Heather B
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As a further tubal comment – in relation to slowing down the person’s IVF push . .
I feel that it us – the actual health care professionals – with preventative medicine at our disposal - (if we are supporting nature to help itself) that could be allowing the ‘green light’ for going into IVF – not those with the vested interest in making the $$$.

I say this as watching them from the side lines - from the inception of this brave new world, I see no evidence that a healthy baby is the actual desired outcome – but more 'quick – the eggs are getting older' – and ‘no worries’ re the decrepitude of the sperm generating cells – or the health of either parent to be having anything at all to do with the IVF outcomes (healthy full term babies from healthy happy mums) – and lack thereof. When I started supporting women in their quest for IVF – the biggest problem was the what to do with the 16 great embryos ‘left over’ in the freezer, after 3 children and no more needed debate.

Seems so improbable now. .

We can do a lot more to support new life whether IVF is used or not.
Prior to IVF, it was normal for me to use all I could think of and tubes were cleared and babies happened when they were considered impossible. Male and female tubal clearances - but I was not using TCM or Chinese herbs (as they were not about then).

Blocked tubes/ectopics happen also because of IVF – I had at one stage 4 women with past ectopics due to using IVF and back then in 2007 I found studies that may well have disappeared as it was not good news – that frozen embryos were way more likely to cause ectopics. We can clean up the Qi flow to ensure this does not happen – If we start a uterus cleanse process as I do – and ignore the baby push until at least three perfect periods.

I had one woman whose first IVF pregnancy resulted in a live daughter – as the survivor of one tube going at her twins’ early demise/death – and the other attempt gave her another ectopic.

Mum then went for a third attempt and got herself a cornual ectopic – and then nearly died as the methytrixate did not work and the embryo kept on growing with all that chemo drug on board, and she hemorrhaged when they tried to rid her body of what was to kill her if she continued being pregnant.

Why do we have blocked tubes?
Stuck Liver Qi and phlegm – and we can at least get the pelvis as clear as possible prior to using ART. IVF is not a guarantee of baby success - being healthy enough to impart great Jing to another, for life is the most useful contribution we can make. This also means getting the ‘garden’ ready and her and him baby ready – and this is the preconception work which should also include clearing the pelvis of all obstructions - as the high risk pregnancies are not just a matter of bad luck.

Orthodox medicine cannot do this - we can – when we use all the bodies natural inclination and innate abilities to heal. Work with, not against or force nature.

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