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Healthy Living - Make Cooking at Home Part of Your Lifestyle

Had a word with my doctor on my latest visit, appropriately enough, to renew my quarterly prescriptions for my blood pressure issues, as there is SO much information out there telling you that this medication, that exercise, or even those holistic medicines are better than anything you already have in your army of items to reduce your, or anyone's, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Or even that they are worse.

One of the things I was worrying about, was all the snippets of reports stating how bad - or good - statins are for a person. And there are heaps of other comments, for and against. And that there is even more information out there about this medication. Even before I had finished explaining my concerns he had printed off a report from the medical world, which I read when I got home.

Now, I tend to be sceptical about things I read in newspapers or even online, but I did manage to take a couple of things from this report. Which came from a legitimate medical source.

It seems that if you have a high cholesterol level, something such as angina, or if you have suffered some sort of heart incident, stroke or TIA, Statins are recommended as they help reduce the risk of these conditions getting worse, or delay this result. Or you have a highly increased risk of developing atheroma-related disease. For instance if you have diabetes. Your risk is considered high when your score is 10% or more it is possible you could develop such a disease in the next 10 years.

The report stated that your doctor should organise a blood test before starting on statin medication, while at the same time he will probably check your level of cholesterol and that your liver is working properly. After starting treatment it is advised that you have another blood test at 1-3 months and again at 12 months. In order to check that your liver has not been affected my the medication. And also check to measure your cholesterol level to see how well your statins are working.