Gu Syndrome in Classical Chinese Medicine an interview with heiner Fruehauf

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Gu Syndrome in Classical Chinese Medicine an interview with heiner Fruehauf

Reading material to accompany the 4 hour online course by Heiner Fruehauf

Download article below.

Gu Syndrome: Unique Strategies for the Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Parasites and Other Chronic Inflammatory Conditions - streams live April 7th, 2013

Prof. Fruehauf’s lecture will introduce the ancient Chinese medical concept of "Gu Syndrome," and underscore its outstanding clinical significance for the modern Chinese medicine practitioner. The presentation consists of an analysis of the mental and physical ramifications of "Gu" or "Rottenness Syndrome" as described in classical Chinese texts, a discussion of Gu cases treated by the presenter, and detailed clinical instructions for the herbal treatment of systemic funguses, parasites, viruses, spirochetes (especially Lyme Disease) and other hidden pathogens. In addition, the speaker will present related content from his research about the Wang Fengyi tradition of Five Element Emotional Healing
(xingli liaobing).

Course Outline:

Understanding the classical concept of “Gu Syndrome” (guzheng)
Identification of “Gu Syndrome” patients in the clinic: presenting practical solutions for many chronic and recalcitrant diseases in the modern Western clinic
Learn short term and long term treatment strategies for “Gu Syndrome” patients
Learn herbal formulas for the treatment of “Gu Syndrome”

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I was a student of Heiner's at NCNM. I believe he does consults with the Hai Shan Clinic at his home in Corbett, OR. He may be taking a hiatus, however. I'd suggest contacting someone at Classical Pearls and seeing what their recommendation is.

I'd also recommend consulting an ND who is specialized in Lyme.

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this was an amazing lecture...I would personally like to start some of these herbs for my son and I who both have Chronic Lyme...we only discovered this in the last 6 months. Would it be possible to talk or do a consult with Heiner directly as well...please advise. Not sure what is best to start with...Thunder and mix with Bamboo or to add some Lightening etc.. We have been doing some antibiotics but mixing with Chinese Herbs as well...we would like to eliminate antibiotics completely...wanted your thoughts on that as well...would be very grateful to be able to review my son's case in depth with him...please lmk.. very grateful for this lecture...thank you so much.

Heiner Fruehauf
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The primary remedy I use for treating Lyme disease, particularly during the early inflammatory stage when people often take antibiotics, is Lightning Pearls. There should be no harm in experimenting with that and see what happens. If body pain is involved, Lightning should be paired with Bamboo Pearls. For additional anti-pathogenic effect during a phase when the patient goes off antibiotics, Dragon Pearls can be added (those were originally designed to help Lyme patients to get off antibiotics).

For instance, an adult dose could be: Lightning Pearls 2, Bamboo Pearls 2, Dragon Pearls 1, 2-3x/day (AM + PM, and possibly noon, depending on severity of symptoms, patient's sensitivity levels and body weight). Even if it works right away, however, this prescription needs to be changed every 4-12 weeks. Lightning can be changed to Thunder, Bamboo to Cinnamon (Dragon should eventually be left out). Since chronic Lyme needs to be treated for several years, the help of a professional may eventually be needed to help steer you and your daughter through the "roller coaster" of up-and-down symptoms during the recovery process. And: 6-36 months into treatment, the anti-inflammatory focus needs to switch to a more "recharge" oriented focus, often requiring the inclusion of remedies that contain aconite (Vitality Pearls, Sugar Pearls, Peace Pearls, etc.). A practitioner who works with this disease and these products will have a better idea to help you navigate these decisions, I recommend you look for someone in your vicinity, if not right away then later.

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Thank you very much Heiner. I am just seeing this now for the first time. We have been on Dr. Zhang's herbs for the past 6 months. He only changes things every 12 weeks and so I was concerned when I heard you recommended changing the formulas more frequently.
We take a lot of Allicin/ that ok to always take or should that be switched out as well?

Also, what do you recommend for Hotflashes/thyroid issues...I was thinking of Vitality and the Guan yin pill...though I wonder sometimes if Babesia could be returning...perhaps with a new bite? perhaps bc we stopped taking the Artemesia or perhaps it is just hormonal (just turned 50 over of the reasons I missed the lyme..thought my hot flashes and aches were age related)

Also, do you recommend Antibiotics initially for Chronic Lyme of would you suggest starting on Dragon Pearls if antibiotics have never been taken. It is my feeling that while they can be helpful to kill the demons initially, they weaken the system. Dr. Zhang says he would never take I was wondering what your thoughts are regarding this and if you recommend ever returning to them.

ALso, do you use Bee Venom...and please expand on your knowledge of that. I have received 3 bee bites at one session from a gifted acupuncturist in Fairfax, California on the Du line and found it completely cleared my brain fog for a few days.

thank you so much for your insights. I will be doing a training in Lyme in October with Greg Lee who uses your formulas so I look forward to becoming more confident regarding how to use these. However, I never want to treat myself or my son....there is no perspective when it comes to oneself...

I will call Classical to see if they have any recommendations and order some herbs per your suggestion tonight. Thanks again..most grateful for all your heartfelt wisdom.

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Hi Heiner--Thank you so much for sharing a synthesis of healing, herbs and mythology and more in your last seminar. I am very curious to know if the Lightning Pearls can be used as a prophylactic? I live in Northern California where Lyme is rampant. The last two springs I have been bitten by a deer tick and began antibiotics immediately. Both times it took a lot out of me and wrecked my digestion for months--I would like to find an alternate protocol for myself and my patients. Thank you!

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