Falling hair

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Falling hair

You briefly said that falling hair is a Kidney yang issue. Could you please tell me a little more as to why Kidney yang and not blood deficiency.


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When the hair turns grey, that's said to be due to Liver Blood Vacuity. When the hair falls out though, this is Kidney Yang Vacuity. Remember that the head hair relates to the Kidneys because hair is considered to be the leftovers after the brain has fully formed (in utero). It's the astringency function of the Kidney Yang that holds the hair on the head. (Remember, a lack of hair at birth is said to be a sign of general vacuity, especially of the Kidneys.)
As a side note, it's strange in male pattern baldness that many men maintain the hair on the sides and back of the head. Does that mean it's body hair and thus the domain of the Lungs?

David Allen L.Ac.

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