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Don Lee Electro acupuncture- Microamp

During the cool off period in a treatment when you change from 2-4 Milli to 100 Micro, how do you determine the intensity of the stimulation? To clarify, with Milli, we ask for patient feedback, a gentle/ comfortable tapping. As Micro is sub sensational and therefore no/ minimal patient reaction, how does one decide?

Thank you

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Hi Frank.

From Don:

The target range for micro is between 200-800 hz. According to one study, that frequency range facilitates ATP synthesis. Some patients can feel microcurrent(I know I do) so as long the minimum range of 200hz is attained(and patient comfort is maintained) it's all good. As a general rule, I try to use the least amount of energy as possible to achieve the effect I am looking for. I want to harness as much as possible the body's own natural healing mechanisms. In addition, it tends to minimize side effects.

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