100 % success with infertility - Heather Bruce can you elaborate please

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100 % success with infertility - Heather Bruce can you elaborate please

Hi Heather

In your class A Bun in The Oven - http://www.prodseminars.net/product/bun-oven-chinese-medicines-approach-... you stated you have 100% success.

Sounds too good to be true.

Can you share how you come to 100% success. If this is the case I think you will have many of coming to observe and learn from you.

Heather B
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Hello all,
I remind you one of the qualifications was the couple, not the woman seeking babies.
And often although he thinks he is being amazing coming in to ‘support’ her the work is only needed on the one who does not usually present - him.

This means in NZ as the other qualifier – and there I only see the couples as I can - there is no competition as often I am as now, in the midst of a desert for choice . . and it is as it was 30+ years ago - me or no baby - so they have to follow instructions and they get the result as they put their best efforts into it.

Sink or swim.

Not even with terminal cancer do people these days get that they are in charge of the actual - not proposed - outcome.

I do not aim to get them pregnant – but well enough for nature to do what sex is for – baby making. Fertility is a measure of health.
All farmers/animal breeders of all descriptions know this.
Veterinary medicine would be a better investment for the average couple – as they at least check out nutrition first.

I know I may seem out of synch with all other writers/presenters. I will also say that to my knowledge I am the oldest surviving fertility/obstetric specialist, and have watched from the sidelines all stars shine – carried by in the wake of science and biomedicine – but not in common sense and the traditional knowings of all cultures in all styles of medical endeavours. The ‘adolescence’; even arrogance of orthodox medicine is the issue here – as we seem to be infected also with the idea that their words are true.

Where is the conversation about what foods were sacred in other cultures to ensure great baby outcomes? Or even that Yang Sheng is the basis of life? Even - what rules other cultures had to ensure mum and dad were well enough to even be in the baby making game?

Why is there no questions asked into why a short 30 years ago too many babies at the wrong time of the month was a woman’s likely panic many many times in her life – and why all of a sudden this ‘trying to get pregnant’ is the new normal, not trying to NOT get pregnant as when I was a teenager? Did Dr Rachel Carson with her seminal work ‘The Silent Spring’ back in 1962 get it right? Or ‘Our Stolen Future’ by Theo Colburn, or ‘Altering Eden: The Feminizing of Nature’ by Deborah Cadbury – are they all to still be ignored – what about ‘Slow Death by Rubber Duck’ by Rick Smith, Bruce Lourie?

All background reading to get us in the mood for the life ahead as healers – the infertility will not be going away – it is getting worse as we wait for ‘science’ to come up with ??what – the sperm now are coming in at 1% or less looking normal.

Yesterday someone texted me about the sperm result – 5 million and 5-10% strong swimmers. Appalling I know. I texted back what was it before they started seeing me? Zero sperm . . so we can win – it takes time. Yes I have him on herbs and treatment – and home moxa sacral fan and prostatic drainage – all on the www.simple-natural-solutions.com site. And a lot of dietary and life changes – and Chinese herbs – but mainly Glutathione and nutritional supplements as the mitochondria have to work a lot better. This couple are as many – both in a mess – and both are getting better - but the key is diet and life changes – and me tweaking - but as in NZ –it is not seeing them lots – it is them taking charge and living more as their past very fertile gene contributors/ relations did.

Healthy means that the prospective parents’ BBTs have to be in the very narrow range of normal – and like a normal period – all Qi and blood circulation and production issues are to be first resolved. Why is half the baby being made given a ‘pass out’ to be as unworthy as possible and it all be her issue that fertility rests with? It takes two to tango. They feel that they do not have enough time? Do they have time for the grief /heartbreak/money thrown away and all that goes with all those unnecessary drugs she gets when it is all the way – him not having good enough sperm to seed the baby in the first place?

Once she is initially so messed up – then in desperation people see me these days – much like being terminal with cancer, instead of coming in when it was a little lump, before chemo and radiotherapy – at the end we still have – why is it there to work through – and the long diversion into people paying $$ to hand over personal responsibility is one of the past 30 years – was not part of the acupuncturists’ life when I started so I am used to the choice being me or nothing. .

In this context – and please read the post on blocked tubes post before you go on here. .
I will post soon on the 100% results. . nature creates the space when they clear it.

Heather B
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Part 2 . . .

Fertility is a simple as sorting out why what is so natural is not happening.

There is no need for anyone to come and see what I do in NZ to get 100% results. It should be evident that by just changing focus - understanding what a well person needs to do, and expecting as a clinic principle – like a contract of sorts - that people actually if they want something have to work for it – no ‘free lunch’ – them taking responsibility of all aspects of their lives – well babies will happen. That is what sex is for. Of course they have to have the requisite bits and be in a relationship where both are intending to do all they can to have well children.

30+ years ago we saw in clinic predominantly pain – and often degenerative, desperate and dying people. Stressed out people were not so prevalent as then we had lives that fit more than now. Very bad periods were fixed with needles and moxa only, as Chinese herbs were not available or taught, and acupuncture used as intended prior to the Cultural Revolution does work in combination with techniques of western add-ons – lymphatic drainage and naturopathic methods fit together wonderfully. Of course we were not contending with the injecting all with toxic chemicals as now, and women with HPV and MMR and Hep B with all the neurotoxins was yet to come.

This is really messing with normal and is not that easy to reverse. Neither is the hormonal disruption that the estrogen dominance, behind the sperm deterioration and the women’s Hot Blood manifestations and other toxic health issues has wrought. Using the TCM lens we may 'diagnose' these, but we need to be working a lot smarter than that alone - which is why the biochemistry leaks into what I do. http://simple-natural-detox.com/ We now need to work on a very different level to assist not just toxin removal but restoration of basic eating and living habits - playing mum to grown ups is what I do all day – not TCM – but self care and consequences.

Working in this field since before IVF, back then it was a matter (as with all people who came in in a ‘hopeless’ state) – to think through why their body was as it was and redirect it back to wellness.

Combining all modalities into an individual’s care package was what we all did – as not TCM, but classical acupuncture was all there was. Part of our culture – food, vitamins, herbs and minerals etc – was included in the treatment. Common sense was afoot, and all knew that sleeping, resting, having a life balance and plenty of time with spouse was important. As was drinking plenty of water and eating fat – that makes the hormones and keeps the hunger wolf from the sugar door – non nutritive eating was not happening as there was a sense of mum knows best and ‘science’ with all its dictates and yet to make the epidemic of morbidly obese people who now seem to think it is their right to use up all the ‘health’ care budget.

As an example, about 15 years ago, I had a woman come in who had worked next door to my clinic 40 years before - she noticed my literature, and said that she couldn’t get pregnant when she was working there. Her doctor told her to leave work, take a month’s holiday with her husband, come home and clean out all cupboards and then the garden, so the entire place was as she wanted it to be - and if she was still not pregnant then - she could go back to part time work.

Of course she got pregnant – she removed the extraneous activity, rebonded with her husband, in freedom, resting lots, and then nested .. .

We could ask - what happens now – the very opposite. In addition, often in Australia we have with the mining boom – FIFO workers who may be home for a few days every three weeks or so .. . not a recipe for heart felt gladness and the Bao Mai feeding the uterus.

In NZ – I see only couples. The men are as recalcitrant as anywhere else, but there is no point no only seeing here as she is not able to get him over the ‘baby line’ as he has to stop drinking, smoking, not eating all day etc .. .and when you add the vitamins and a better diet - dense, nutritious - etc – all is easy.

The BBT has to be taken. Both of them. Acted upon. All health ‘problems’ are in the way of a healthy conception and need resolving, especially if any medication is being taken by either of them. The current WHO proposal to call what is the least possible for ICSI as being ‘fertile’ is cynical to say the least – not a pass mark or making a great baby. The decline from the 70’s til now is in this presentation.

When in Rothenberg, one participant stopped me, asking what my success rate was – and I told him – terrible – in Australia – as they are skittish - all go off to the doctors and every other person all the time - they are totally distracted by all the marketing and no one stops to think – would I want to be made from those two in their life?’ No self responsibility – more money than sense – they throw all sense out and go with a retail industrial model that plays upon and relies on fear and ignorance of common farming principles.

He said that he had had an almost 100% success rate and then it dropped precipitously after reading the purist TCM texts. He had stopped all his previously exceptional ‘naturopathic’ add-ons in response. After results plummeted from the mid 90’s to just over 50%, he abandoned following what the written TCM ‘experts’ said, and went back to what had previously made sense to him, and babies for them. I believe we do all need to start thinking outside what limitations the biomedical and the written experts speak of. .

50%? I would say – yes – but even less now – as no one has the patience to attend to the ‘why’ - the ‘quick fix’ medically promised usually does not eventuate. There is so much to undo and taking contraception, messing with normal – if she ever had it – does need addressing and often takes at least a year’s intensive work - when in times past there was not the damage to undo – especially as IVF seems to make such a mess of so many first.

Decades ago women usually were pregnant in under 2 months of sessions – no need for him to come in at all – as they were all over 80% looking normal which was the norm – an seen as the baseline for male fertility – so tweaking her brought results. The odd case of blocked tubes was resolved in this time with all the measures mentioned in the other post.

The men were highly fertile and no one drank all the caffeinated drinks or binged on alcohol as they do now. Sugar and chemicals were not so prevalent in the diet, and the biosphere was a lot cleaner. There was no phones or keys emitting sperm killing waves stored in pockets, no computers to rob people of quality of life and relating. and plenty of time to spend being a person, not stressing about getting everything done.

In under three months intensive assistance – as the eggs take 4 ½ months to develop and the health changes need to reverse a lot of trouble that has been ignored often for decades women blossomed. The sperm generating cells now are toxic and the men’s lifestyle reflects this – and again – reversing this may take more than the 3 ½ months it takes from inception to ejaculation for a sperm.

Men’s health is just not good enough any more - and is dwindling all the time. I have men with NO normal sperm coming in. One 17 ½ year old had given his wife 4 miscarriages - his sperm was 1% normal – at 17 ½!!! They have just had their first child – but here was a great deal of homework - sacral moxa fanning and prostatic drainage - seen here and here – and following exactly all the dietary and lifestyle dictates and taking all supplements I gave them. Took a year – but they are now healthier and know the ‘recipe’ to do it again. Naturally and with effort.

Not possible if I were just treating any given woman by herself. Infertility is almost always a him issue. So what she has ‘endometriosis? Clean up the diet and the lifestyle, get normal metabolism happening - and often now this means a complete life overhaul –which frankly she will need anyway if she wants a healthy pregnancy – and in the meantime get him to have at least a BBT of 36.6C preferably 36.8. Invariably this means severe exercise and culling down the flabby life and waistline (and frequently penis) – till all works as it should. Great sperm production follows.

No need for fetal testing - prevention works.

– within the past 3 years I have had one man with a ‘normal looking’ count of 30% - and the man with 46% was an anomaly – and was just producing miscarriages till we tidied up his diet and lifestyle. I have written extensively in this in the eBook ‘Research into Improving Sperm Quality’ as it is all laid out on the net – we just need to look. This eBook is part of the fertility series that is designed for people to stop, think and take charge of their own lives.

If just seeing her it may be a struggle. I now see which one is the most in need of help, and start almost always with him, as regardless of which way they finally decide to make their potential family, it will be with his sperm used. I have had so many with no sperm at all to start with – including in biopsy – who become dads.

I know it is all about patience and improving their Jing - through enhancing wellness – which our medicine can do be very well. If the amount spent on the average course of IVF ws redirected to living well - in helping themselves as the older lady did – babies would naturally work out.

100% so far in NZ is not an empty claim – but I spend time with people and explain it all – esp what to eat, and all the natural work in the eBook package - and they see me very infrequently – usually less than once monthly – and this is after IVF has not worked – as all are working in the wrong person!!!

So they either knuckle down as a team and do the work, or they are not parents.

Often even when I do not think it is possible – with their effort – not my treatment – them following what they are told to do – and this includes making substantial changes in their diet and always a great deal more animal fat and 9 cups of coloured veggies daily, no sugar, juice, grains, cereal or alcohol, smoking, caffeinated drinks – they are parents – and although it may take 6 months and sometimes a year – when their health is amazingly better, (and their BBT’s are within the very narrow range needed) their subsequent babies are super healthy – even if mum is 46 when she naturally conceives . . and carries to term, breastfeeds well and bounces back – as we were all designed to.

No tricks – just plain simple living and helping the body to repair itself.

Heather B
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Links that seem to have not worked from above.
‘Research into Improving Sperm Quality’ found here http://easybabies.com.au/ebooks/research-into-improving-sperm-quality/and hormonal 'mud map' here http://simple-natural-detox.com/hormones/

I do hope this all helps all to see what is very possible with a shift in perspective - treat only those who goal is wellness and prefect children - makes the next generation sustainable!!!

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