Women use to think they were hot stuff until they met this acupuncturist

Women use to think they were hot stuff until they met this acupuncturist

I think many acupuncturists entered the field of Chinese medicine because we genuinely wanted to help people. I know for me I left my previous profession as a CPA (Chartered/certified accountant) because I wanted to feel valued and relevant in my day to day work. Helping people, especially with their health, allowed me to wake up every morning before clinic feeling excited and proud to be an acupuncturist.

I have been practising since 2000 and I am always looking for areas where Chinese medicine can offer something both safe and effective that western medicine cannot, or at least not as effectively or as safe. This is why I organized a course by Yvonne Farrel on using the 8 Extras meridians for Menopause symptoms. Most women do not want to use HRT because of the negative risk factors that come with it (stroke, heart disease and possibly cancers). So they are searching for an alternative. And fortunately there have been some positive studies using both acupuncture or herbs to treat the symptoms that come along with menopause.

Free one hour webinar, Monday October 28th by Yvonne Farrell - http://www.medigogy.com/webinar/menopause-8-extras-meridians

If you are looking for a niche, then effectively treating menopausal symptoms is a sure way to build your practice. And trust me you will feel warm and fuzzy inside (proud) too from helping these women transition smoothly from their reproductive years to non-child bearing years. Just recently I was treating a woman age 49 with insomnia caused by her intense her hot flashes. She also had a very sore right shoulder (know in TCM as 40 year old shoulder and common in menopause) which I was able to drastically improve after the first visit. This was great because the shoulder relief allowed her to gain confidence in the acupuncture process and to have enough trust to see me for acupuncture twice a week for a minimum of 10 weeks to help with her hot flashes that were disturbing her sleep. If you want to increase your confidence and clinical success treating menopausal symptoms then I recommend Yvonne Farrell's 8 Extras Acupuncture class for menopause (below) and Dagmar Ehlings herbs for menopause class. www.prodseminars.net/product/treatment-menopause-using-chinese-herbal-fo...

Live Webinar, November 9th, 2013
Menopause & The 8 Extras: Empowering Patients to Revel in Their "Second Spring"
Presented by Yvonne Farrell L.Ac (6 CEU/PDA/CPD)

You have the option to watch this seminar as either a live webinar or if you can make it to sunny LA, you can attend in person.
In person attendance at Yosan in LA, California - click tinyurl.com/lxd783g
Live webinar, watch from anywhere in the world - click www.prodseminars.net/product/menopause-8-extras-empowering-patients-reve...