TCM Trumps Western Medicine - How Chinese Medicine Helps Older Women with Infertility

TCM Trumps Western Medicine - How Chinese Medicine Helps Older Women with Infertility

TCM Trumps Western Medicine - How Chinese Medicine Helps Older Women with Infert

Western medicine has made huge strides in treating infertility using the costly procedure called IVF.  But many women diagnosed with advanced maternal age, poor egg quality, and diminished ovarian reserve are not the best candidates for IVF and are recommended to use the eggs of a younger women. This is called donor egg IVF.

Understandably, many women are not prepared to use the eggs of a younger women in place of their own eggs, for several reasons such as financial, social, religious, emotional and other personal reasons. Instead, they turn to us -- those in Chinese medicine -- for hope and the chance of still conceiving with their own eggs.

Chinese Medicine Offers a Natural Approach to Optimizing Fertility

Many acupuncturists have built very busy practices and so can you by learning how to treat women with low ovarian reserve and poor egg quality issues who are not interested in using donor eggs.

Below, we provide several resources to help you work confidently with this growing patient population and discuss how acupuncture & TCM can help common issues faced by women of advanced maternal age and repeated IVF failure:

Decreased Ovarian Reserve

As women age, the number of available healthy viable eggs decreases. In the past, it was assumed that women with declining ovarian function could not get pregnant or should consider donor eggs. In fact, there are  reversible factors other than aging implicated in premature fertility decline as well as strategies that can be used to improve ovarian function in women with advanced maternal age.

 Body-mind Imbalance

Older women may need to reclaim their fertility by healing body, mind, and spirit through with Chinese medicine diet, nutritional supplementation, acupuncture, herbs, and exercises to better manage stress levels and heal and strengthen their bodies and reproductive system.

IVF Failure

Many older women struggling with infertility are poor responders to IVF treatment and will pursue numerous rounds of IVF, an emotionally and physically draining process. The Paulus Protocol demonstrates how acupuncture benefits women undergoing in vitro fertilization treatment. The study compared women undergoing IVF with and without pre/post transfer acupuncture, and thereby brought acupuncture into mainstream fertility clinics.

These courses are all approved by: Australia, ABORM, Alberta, California, CTCMA, Florida, Illinois, NCCAOM, New Zealand (NZRA) and Texas and count for CEU/PDA/CPD credits.

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