TCM Kongress a Must for your Acupuncture Bucket List!

TCM Kongress a Must for your Acupuncture Bucket List!

Lorne Brown

Last week (May 7-12 2013) I attended the six-day TCM Kongress in Rothenberg, Germany, attended by 1,200 acupuncture/TCM/MD delegates and 110 speakers from 15 countries. If there was ever an acupuncturist's bucket list, the TCM Kongress in Rothenburg should be on it!

It was a positive, informative, and fun experience, and well worth the time and money to travel there. The organizers: Gerd, Christian and Nils were very organized and went out of their way to make us feel welcomed and special. Covering a vast array of topics including infertility, oncology, shen, depression and dermatology, the Kongress was as much about learning as it was about exchanging ideas, and as useful to beginners as was to experts.

Seven "aha!" moments 
... many of which happened at lunches, dinners and parties

1. Chinese Medicine works! Arya Nielson gave an inspirational talk on Gua Sha and provided impressive research to support how Gua Shaw stimulates the immune system, helps patients with hepatitis and reduces inflammation.

2. TCM can impact egg quality. This came from four reproductive endocrinologists who attended the Infertility meeting on ovarian insufficiency.

3. Gut bacteria may be involved in diabetes and treating with probiotics maybe a possible treatment. Thanks for sharing Yvonne from Sweden during our train ride.

4. MDs trained in TCM who attended the Kongress prefer using herbs over drugs. I learned this at dinner on Friday night before the party when I was seated with several MDs who also practice TCM.

5. Did I mention Chinese medicine works! There were some impressive research presentations by Sarah Budd (acupuncture in pregnancy), Yair Maimon (Oncology acupuncture and Chinese herbs), Simon Becker (dermatology), Hugh Macpherson, and Barbara Kirschbaum (acupuncture and herbs for breast cancer). It was inspiring to learn that there is research being done by trained TCM practitioners.

6. Being told to go to hell is actually a good thing. In Rothenburg, it's the name of a bar where many from the Kongress meet after classes to talk TCM. I went to Hell almost every night.  I developed new friendships at the Kongress which has me planning to go back for 2014.

7. Many of the great talks were given by ProD Seminar speakers including Huang Huang, Sarah Budd, Heiner Fruehauf and Richard Blitstein. Debra Betts was in attendance.

One of my favourite parts of the conference was the new friendships I made, plus reconnecting with old friends too. Without attending the Kongress I would not have made so many great friends from the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Ireland, and Spain to name a few. Now I have places to stay when I travel!

Huang Huang



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Sarah Budd


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