Most Popular Chinese Medicine Courses of 2015

Most Popular Chinese Medicine Courses of 2015

Most Popular TCM Courses of 2015

Here's your chance to access our most popular online recorded courses of 2015. They are guaranteed to deepen your knowledge, heighten your confidence and increase your practice success. Check out the list of courses (and BONUS they're on sale too) that your colleagues chose to study, fulfill their continuing education requirements, and deepen their TCM knowledge - ah, the love of learning.

Purchase courses by December 31st so you can use expense as a write off for your 2015 taxes.

Top 15 courses of 2015 chosen by you

1. The Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine - The Complete Series - By Jane Lyttleton

Year after year, Jane Lyttleton's Treatment of Infertility course is the top 5 most watched. This course has been updated with PCOS and the module Combining IVF with TCM module, plus it has been converted to our iPad friendly player. This course was already great and not it just got even better. It is a must watch if you treat any fertility patients.

"Wonderful course! I really like the way Jane tied Eastern and Western together since our clients all "think in Western".
~ Cindy

"The addition of the updated IVF information makes this course current and valuable. Jane Lyttleton is an excellent teacher and shares knowledge from applying basic TCM principles in years of clinical practice as well as current research. Jane is dedicated, passionate, and curious in her approach to infertility and combining TCM with western medicine. Great course!"
~ Barbara

2. Rooting the Spirit: The Treatment of Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders with Sun Si Miao 'Ghost Points' - By Rani Ayal

The aim of this seminar is to correctly diagnose and treat the Shen with acupuncture. Specific body and pulse diagnostic techniques will be discussed together with the treatment protocols for the thirteen Ghost Points.

"Fantastic course and great speaker, very interesting content. Very much appreciated the sincerity of the presenter and the sharing of knowledge and clinical practice experiences"
~ Lilijana

3. Electroacupuncture for Pain and Orthopedics and Electroacupuncture for Pain and Orthopedics: Advanced Class - Don Lee

Don’s 4 CEU/PDA/CPD online course on Electroacupcture (EA) was so well received and many of you asked for more on treating specific conditions and case studies. Your requests have been heard and answered. Don Lee aso offers an advanced course using EA which also made it to the top 15 and is on sale.

"I had an electroacupuncture course at Bastyr University with Steve Givens about 12 years ago. I thought it was excellent from both western and eastern perspectives and emphasis. It was required there, as it should be in any acupuncture training. Took this one due Don Lee's good rep and clinical experience and for a brush up and wasn't disappointed. Re-inspired me regarding estim. Don keeps things in depth and simple at the same time. Immediately clinically useful."
~ Donna

4. Acupuncture during Pregnancy: Safe and Ethical - By Claudia Citkovitz

British Columbia (CTCMA) and Australia (AACMA) require 4 (CEU/PDA/CPD) hours in ethics (professional issues) and the NCCAOM now requires 2 in ethics and 2 in safety. Better to save time and money and fulfill your 4 hours of ethics or safety online. Plus, this course is very interesting and relevant for clinical practice if you treat women during pregnancy.

"Excellent course. Clear, concise. Claudia is a very engaging speaker. It's wonderful to have access to her knowledge and expertise from the other side of the world. Many Thanks!"
~ Nadine

5. Practical Skills for a Successful Fertility & Pregnancy Practice - By Jani White

In this online course, recorded at the 2015 Integrative Fertility Symposium, we will look at considerations for supporting patients during IVF, and through the gestational phases of pre-natal, pre-birth, intra-partum (labour) and post-natal, in the context of the difficulties in scheduling this kind of support according to embryonic and foetal developments.

"I loved this course. Thank you. What an informative and engaging lecture. I can't wait to see more from Jani. Many thanks."
~ Belinda

"What a wealth of experience and knowledge loved this course!"
~ Becky

6. Integrity in the Healing Relationship: Ethics for the Health Professionals - By Michael Gaeta

Another popular course to meet ethics/professional issue CEU/PDA/CPD for NCCAOM, British Columbia (CTCMA), Australia (AACMA) and Texas. The feedback was excellent. Many were pleasantly surprised that this mandatory course was actually interesting and enjoyable to watch.

"This was an EXCELLENT course! I would highly recommend it to my colleagues. I love the spiritual approach. Michael Gaeta brings to an otherwise dry and daunting subject of ethics. There were many pearls in this course. It has prompted lots of self-reflection, given me validation in areas I feel I am already doing very well in, and given me suggestions as to which areas I might look a bit more closely at and improve in. Thank you for this wonderful class!"
~ Angie

"Excellent class. I was not bored to tears and so glad it was not a yawnfest! I would highly recommend his class for anyone having to fulfill this requirement. I took away many great things from this class and there were great reaffirmations of what I was already doing."

"Probably the best Ethics course I have done thus far. So glad to revisit the ethics of spiritual practice for us TCM'ers."

7. Gu Syndrome: Unique Strategies for the Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Parasites and Other Chronic Inflammatory Conditions - By Heiner Fruehauf

"Heiner has re-inspired me herbally, and given me an even deeper appreciation of the power of Chinese herbal medicine. Heiner is very well versed in the ins and outs of this subject matter, and communicates in a concise, clear, methodical and thorough manner. I believe that the information presented in this course will provide much food for thought for some time. This is a must do course for practitioners interested in difficult to treat, complicated internal patterns of chronic disharmony. I will *definitely* be attending more of Heiner's lectures."

8. Introduction to Holistic Preconception Planning by Keith Bell

Preconception Planning is often undervalued or overlooked unless a patient has difficulty conceiving, but the benefits go far beyond treating infertility. Numerous studies have shown that that if both parents improve their general health while avoiding common lifestyle factors and environmental hazards in the months preceding conception, they can greatly improve reproductive outcomes and avoid many complications during pregnancy that lead to medical interventions. Most important, by improving their own health, parents can improve the future health of their child and grandchild.

"Useful and thought-provoking course. Really enjoyed it and will be able to carry over into my practice."
~ Dorothy

"What a great course. So much to learn and so much to implement to build a practice."
~ Karen

"Great course! Very well-presented. I learnt a lot, it made me think and reflect, and I definitely took away some pearls that I will be applying in my practice."
~ Angie

9. Medical Errors Prevention: Increasing Safety, Decreasing Risk by Amy Sear

This course has been specifically designed to be interesting and provide usable information - directly related to Oriental Medical practice. It is laid out in a very practical way and provides a step by step approach.

"Thoughtful, insightful and essential information for operating a safe practice for both the physician and patient."
~ Lisa

"Amy was great! She gave so much helpful and very clear information."
~ Sarah

10. Lab Testing and Hormonal Assessment for Infertility: Treatment success depends on diagnosing the real cause by Leslie Oldershaw

"This course has increased my knowledge and confidence in applying lab testing in my practice working with fertility and other conditions. Also prepares you to understand reproductive Medicine language and lab testing."
~ Ivelisse

"Excellent course, well delivered. Great review on hormones of reproduction."
~ Ann

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am already thinking of patients that will be immediately helped by my newfound knowledge and resources."
~ Julia

"Awesome lecture. Would definitely sign up for more classes with Leslie Oldershaw."
~ Jana

11. Neuropuncture for Cervical, Head, and Facial Conditions: Module 3 by Michael Corradino

A four-hour presentation (with video demonstrations of clinical protocols, needle technique, and Electrical acupuncture applications) utilizing Neuropuncture, which is a neuroscience acupuncture system created by Dr Michael Corradino. This Webinar will be on applying Neuropuncture combined with auricular acupuncture, for the treatment of cervical, head and facial conditions

"Fantastic program, bridges the East-West divide."
~ David

"Dr. Corradino is an amazing lecturer, educator and practitioner and is obviously passionate about his work. I have learned more in his coursework that I can apply to my practice than from any other courses in my many years of practice."
~ Marcy

12. The A to Z Guide to Using Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth by Debra Betts

This online course will present a comprehensive and detailed approach to the treatment of women during pregnancy using a week by week guide to treating the pregnant body. This offers information to assist acupuncturists to move away from point prescriptions to individualized treatment: encouraging optimal health during pregnancy and preparation for an efficient labour and postpartum recovery

'Excellent presentation, and a comprehensive level of information. Debra has a lovely way of imparting her rich knowledge and experience."
~ Kate

"Besides the expansion of knowledge provided by Debra Bett's class, I have a stronger sense of confidence and competence on the subject. I know that this will empower not only myself but the women that I work with during their pregnancies and birth experiences."
~ Rosemary

"Excellent presentation, and a comprehensive level of information. Debra has a lovely way of imparting her rich knowledge and experience."
~ Kate

13. The Fertility Patient and Thyroid Autoimmune Disease - By Leslie Oldershaw

Many fertility patients have either a diagnosed hypothyroid condition or present with subclinical hypothyroid. It is often misdiagnosed as unexplained infertility and miscarriages. After taking this course you will look like a star when you catch these cases and earn the trust of your patients. Plus you will help them have healthy babies!!

"Absolutely outstanding program! Bravo, Leslie!! "
~ Bernadine

"Leslie explained everything in depth, and made it practical for use in my clinic."
~ Stacey

14. Neuropuncture: Psyche/Mental-Emotional Conditions: Module 4 by Michael Corradino

In this webinar you will learn how to treat the 6 most common clinical psychological conditions utilizing the Neuropuncture system. Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Addiction/cravings, PTSD, and Obsessive-Compulsive disorder. Neuropuncture applies neuroscience to the traditional TCM acupuncture model, creating evidenced-based, clinically proven protocols, and outcomes that are clinically reproducible.

"Wow...what a great class. I can't wait to get to the Clinic tomorrow and start working with these ideas."
~ Amy

"This was one of the most excellent courses. Michael gave me practical information that I can apply in my clinic tomorrow. I appreciate his enthusiasm and knowledge."
~ Charles

"The combination of neuroscience and Chinese medicine is fantastic! Kudos to Dr. Corradino!!!

"For the last 9 years I have held a free weekly clinic for veterans with PTSD. These protocols will improve and speed results significantly."
~ Ellen

15. Extend/reactivate a course

Although "extend/reactivate" is not a course it is a popular request. Pro D Seminars changed its access to recording policy in January 2014 from 6 months to 2 years to complete for CEU/PDA/CPD and longer for continued review. Click here for details on how to extend or reactivate a course you had registered that is about to expire or already has and you want to reactivate. Remember courses you registered for now are receive 2 years access.

So there you have it. The top 15 courses of 2015 chosen by you.

And now you can access them too.

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