I pissed my pants, but persevered anyway

I pissed my pants, but persevered anyway

Are you a size 10 living in a size 8 shoe? Do you dream big and have aspirations to make a positive dent in our world, but find yourself held down by a fear of failure?

I used to live small and ignore my true potential but I do not anymore.

I have learned a way of thinking and a process that allows me to summon the courage to follow through with my desire to make a difference in the world. This allows me to really play big and to tap into my creative powers so I can reap the rewards that come from creating value for others.

I talk about the entrepreneurial thought process that deals with fear in my one hour free lecture on Medigogy.com: Moving Through Fear as an Acupuncturist.



When I think back to some of the big leaps of faith I made, I recognize a pattern: they all involved risk. Risk of failing. Risk of financial ruin. Risk of falling on my face and being ridiculed. They all required a special system of thinking that allowed me to find the courage to move through my fear.

In 1994, I left my comfortable career as a chartered professional accountant (CPA) to move across the country to pursue my dream passion of becoming a doctor of TCM. At that point there were no regulations for acupuncture in British Columbia and the chance of me making a living off of it was unlikely, especially compared to what I was making as a CPA.

In 2003, when I chose to focus my practice on treating reproductive health, my colleagues thought I was crazy. Back then, acupuncture was not established or sought after for fertility or for the public.

And in 2008, when I launched Pro D Seminars to offer online CEU/PDA for acupuncturists and naturopaths, I had no one to learn from and was told over and over that it would fail.

My most recent big risk came from organizing the Integrative Fertility Symposium. Most in-person TCM conferences had been experiencing a decline in attendance, and here I was establishing a destination conference for Americans to travel to Vancouver BC. It even had the narrow focus of reproductive health which reduced the market of those who would want to attend. If the IFS had had low registration I may have needed to downsize my home which would have impacted not just me but also my wife and two kids. Big risk = big fear.

All of these opportunities were bordered with fear that easily could have left me paralyzed.

Still, I persevered. Still, I wet my pants. Please note that I am not immune to fear. I still piss my pants, but the fear no longer paralyzes me. I share how I have moved through fear in my one hour on demand free lecture through Medigogy.com.

My clinic, Acubalance Wellness Centre, is now a prosperous clinic with 8 associates and is internationally known for treating reproductive health. I am a pioneer in online continuing education for acupuncturists and naturopaths. And for all three years, the Integrative Fertility Symposium has sold out more than 2 months in advance and is expected to sell out again for the upcoming IFS 2018. This is all because I used the thought process and systems that all successful entrepreneurs use to move through fear to achieve their desires and dreams.

I know you have big dreams. I know you have good intentions and desires to make the world a better place. I know you want to experience abundance and prosperity in your life for making the world a better place.

But in order to achieve these dreams, you will need to adopt the systems I share that will allow you to find courage so you can move through your fears.

In this free one hour lecture I will share with you how I used entrepreneurial thinking to overcome fears to achieve my desires. I am not promising you will not feel fear; that is not reasonable. But I am promising that you can be at peace with the fears and have a trusted process that allows you to keep moving despite them.

Below is the Medigogy video of my lecture.

After watching, please take a moment and share with me where in your life you went through this process and manifested your desires. And also share where fear stopped you in your tracks and you could have benefited from this process.

Remember, courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is wetting your pants and moving forward with your dreams despite the fear.



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