How to book your acupuncture practice full from MD referrals

How to book your acupuncture practice full from MD referrals

How to book your acupuncture practice full from MD referrals

Pro D Seminars mission is to help progress the field of Chinese medicine. We strive to offer resources to increase your acupuncture practice success, both clinically and financially so each of you can contribute to healing your communities.

I built my practice through both patient self-referrals and IVF clinic referrals. I was so successful at building a busy practice that I needed to hire 5 associates to handle the demand of over 200 weekly patient visits. And I know of other colleagues who built a successful practice using a similar approach, which I share below so you too can book your practice full.

Looking back, I think so much of my success came down to my confidence in TCM’s ability to treat infertility and how I communicated the benefits of Chinese medicine to both the public and the reproductive medicine doctors, IVF clinics. 

My confidence came from continuously investing in myself through hours and hours of continued education related to infertility and hence the birth of Pro D Seminars.

Busy Practitioners are Excellent at Instilling Confidence.

Communicating in a language both patients and IVF doctors can understand will help you instill confidence. Fortunately, all of the fertility courses on Pro D Seminars discuss both the TCM & western approach. Plus Dr. Paul Magarelli MD, IVF doctor, created three courses for acupuncturists. How to develop a relationship with a Reproductive Endocrinologists and a Western reproductive medicine crash course for acupuncturists. If you are fairly new to treating fertility I recommend you start with his Biology of Reproductive Medicine course, which is our very first and oldest online course.  If you really want to learn how to communicate with medical doctors to earn their trust and confidence which will automatically convert to referrals for your acupuncture practice then you want to take Chritian Nix's 2 hour CEU/PDA approved online course, Building Strong Acupuncture Referral Relationships with Medical Doctors

I mentioned the importance of communication to the public. Sorry, but they're not as excited as we are about acupuncture and TCM theory. You have lots of time to educate them about TCM during their future sessions but first you must earn their trust that you can confidently and competently treat their infertility. This requires modern science terminology. I do not think you can or should fake this. Develop your skills and knowledge and your confidence grows.

If you want to attract fertility patients and develop regular medical doctor referrals then please look into the resources below. Your knowledge will exponentially multiply which will feed your confidence and intention and your practice success will follow.

Free Resources

Resources to increase your knowledge and confidence to treat infertility:

Continuing Education Resources (CEU/PDA approved)

Pro d Seminars offers a full range of approved infertility continuing education courses to recieve approved CEUs & PDAs across the world. (Registration Required):

  • Treating Complex Gynecological Conditions with Evidence-based Acupuncture presented by
    Elisabet Stener-Victorin

    This is an 8 hour CEU/PDA/CPD approved recorded online course. It is not just about fertility although there are some clinical gems for using acupuncture for IVF transfers and egg retrieval. For me one of the best clinical pearls I took away was how research supports acupuncture cumulative effect and not just the day of IVF transfer. She also shares why your patients would benefit from acupuncture twice a week over several weeks. Dr. Stener Victorin also explains the flaws in many acupuncture research studies so you can have a very educated discussion with IVF doctors and why not to dismiss acupuncture for fertility benefits.

Click here for a complete list of online fertility courses