Have you received your acupuncture certification to be a parent?

Have you received your acupuncture certification to be a parent?

You ever wonder why we need a license to drive or practice acupuncture but anybody can be a parent? I guess this worked in my favour as I myself have two boys.  Although it was a lot of effort to find someone to marry me who wanted to have my children. :-)  In all seriousness, I wish there was a manual for raising kids. In the 'old days' we had family around to help us raise the next generation.  But in our modern world, many of us do not live in the same city, let alone same state as our parents and relatives.  Luckily, Yvonne and Laura have created a course that is basically a manual to help woman transition into motherhood.  It is the sequel to their very popular two courses on Treating Infertility with the 8 Extras and Using the 8 Extras in Pregnancy.

I am happy to share with you that Yvonne and Laura are back and have new material to supplement their infertility and pregnancy courses.

Join us for the Live Webinar - November 10th, 2013 

Labor Preparation & The 8 Extras: Supporting the Transition From Pregnancy to Parenthood
Presented by Laura Erlich and Yvonne Farrell (6 CEU/PDA/CPD)


Click link - http://www.prodseminars.net/live-seminars-live-webinars

You have the option to watch this seminar as either a live webinar or if you can make it to sun
ny LA,  you can attend in person.

Read what others have to say who have taken classes from Yvonne and Laura

This is the first paid course I have done with Pro-D Seminars and I am very happy.

The course exceeded my expectations and I will be able to use this knowledge in clinic tomorrow!


Interesting and highly useful course. I would highly recommend it. ~ Andrea

I love Yvonne and Laura's teaching style - lots of information and clinical experience. The course was very comprehensive with everything from pre-conception to labor, delivery and post-partum. ~ Stephanie

The information presented here is extremely valuable. I only wish that I had learned it all in my initial training, before I became pregnant! ~ Brandy

"Both this Webinar and the 8 Extras by Yvonne are a great pair to take together. If you take both, take this first as a good overall view then go to the 8 Extra Webinar for more specifics on the 8 Extras. There is some overlap between the two (the 8 Extras) but together they are either a great refresher course on the Secondary Vessels or a good intro if you are not familiar with them. For any Acupuncturist that does not have a good grasp on the Secondary Vessels, this is a must as it elucidates the limitations of the primary channels and how TCM "herbalized" Acupuncture. Yvonne is a good teacher and a pleasure to listen to."~ Christopher

As an acupuncturist & doula who has worked with pregnancy & birth for many years, and as a certified nurse-midwife student, this course was absolutely fantastic. It complements and enhances the information I've been using thus far in my ca
reer (most of which is based on the teachings of Debra Betts). Thank you so much for offering this course! The speakers were very well-versed in the topic and did a wonderful job of explaining the 8 Extra theory in relation to the Childbearing Cycle.
 ~ Gina M

I loved it! So much practical and wonderful information! I wish I had these two lovely and brilliant ladies on speed dial!
 ~ Tiffinie M

I was pleasantly surprised for how engaged I felt in the seminar even though it was not there live. The presenters were very well educated!
 ~ Meredith

Loved, loved this course!! As a specialist in women's health, fertility and pregnancy I really enjoyed Laura and Yvonne's experience and pearls of knowledge to provide additional "tools" I can immediately use within my practice. Thank you so much for offering this recorded course. I definitely would have loved to attend this course live in person but unfortunately with twin infants I can't travel anytime soon.
 ~ Kelly Lee

I wish I had this course 4 years ago. It cleared up so many myths about the meridians and had usable clinical knowledge.

Loved this Course, Yvonne and Laura are my absolute favorite for courses!
Exceptional Information! Loved the structure of the medium. Video and Slides together throughout. Really engaging.

I found this programme to be extremely informative as someone who hasn't previously used the 8 Extras in this way. I am very grateful to both Yvonne and Laura for their generosity with their knowledge and experience.
 ~ Janet

Excellent course. Well developed and informative. Yvonne & Laura were very clear with practical protocols for treatments and reasons for using preferred points and points to avoid. ~ Peter

LOVED this course!! Laura Erlich and Yvonne Farrell were filled with knowledge and very generous sharing it. The course is filled with pearls and good practical information. ~ Catherine

This course was excellent. Yvonne was very knowledgeable, interesting and great at putting concepts into context to be used in practice. Her "handouts" were very useful and helped clarify and organize the material. I also loved what she added in terms of examples, pulses and helping us fully understand the material. 

Yvonne is one of the best instructors I have ever seen! Clear, interesting, knowledgeable, wonderful to listen to. She made the time go so fast, it never seemed as if I was sitting here for so long. I absolutely see myself applying what she taught me. ~ Kathleen