The BEST new Niche for Acupuncturists

The BEST new Niche for Acupuncturists

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Today in order to build a successful and thriving acupunture / TCM practice you need to get results and stand out amongst the masses.

From the public's perspective, they feel more confident seeing an 'expert' rather than a 'generalist' and hence they will choose an acupuncturist that demonstrates experience and confidence treating their specific health issue. Many acupuncturists who positioned themselves as infertility experts (See ABORM and CEFP ) have enjoyed full practices with long wait lists. I predict the next niche for practice growth is in pregnancy care and pediatrics.

Actually, the demand for natural pregnancy care has already arrived, and acupuncturists who have positioned themselves as experts in this area by choosing to focus on continuing education in TCM for pregnancy have discovered what a fulfilling and practice-building niche pregnant women can be. And there's room for more. Pregnant women everywhere need confident and well trained acupuncturists to support them.

And what follows pregnancy? Pediatrics. Acupuncture for children. It makes sense that pregnant women who have benefited from your care and education will also want a drug-free health approach for their babies and children. We all know the key to a healthy society is prevention, so educating kids about health and being top of mind as they grow is a sure way to help heal our communities and build a fulfilling family practice. I believe the 'successful clinic' is one which serves an ever-growing number of patients. And, practitioners can achieve this by focusing on areas that clients seek acupuncturists who have training and experience in the following areas below. Pro D Seminars and Medigogy offer many hours in professional development so you can treat with confidence and skill the following:

This has been the evolution of my own practice in Vancouver, BC, Canada, I started out with a fertility focus. Next, we literally created our own population of pregnancy patients from our successful fertility clients. So we went out and took post graduate training in pregnancy support (implantation to reduce miscarriage, morning sickness, pelvic pain, breech, and pre-birth to name a few) from experienced and published practitioners such as Debra Betts, Claudia Citkovitz, Sarah Budd, Sharon Weizenbaum, Yvonne Farrell and Laura Erlich.

Acubalance now has over a 1000 babies from the ages of one month to 11 years. Our next evolution is to take courses on pediatrics. So expect more future Pro D Seminar courses to be related to pediatrics to help Acubalance offer effective and confident care for kids. It can be the same for you: Look through your team of practitioners and find at least one who will make this their practice focus.

Here a list of my recommended courses to get you started in your practice-building niche:

Build Your Expertise in Fertility

Jane Lyttleton - Treatment of infertility (includes a newly updated module on IVF)

Yvonne Farrell & Laura Erlich - Treating Infertility with the Eight Extraordinary Vessels

Brandon Horn - Optimizing Ovarian Reserve

Pregnancy Courses to get you started

Betts, Budd, Weizenbaum and Citkovitz - Implantation to Birth: Acupuncture and Herbs to Support Better Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes

Yvonne Farrell & Laura Erlich - Eight Extras and the Childbearing Cycle: Complete Course

Debra Betts - Pregnancy: The Complete Course

Pediatrics Courses to check out

Huang Huang - The Treatment of Children using Classic Formulas

David Allen - Spotlight on Children’s Health: Treating Pediatric Ailments using Chinese Medicine

Robin Green Pediatric Essentials: Practical Training to Jumpstart Your Pediatric Practice  

Robin Green  Is It Really ADHD? East-West Treatment for Attention Disorders presented 

Regardless of your focus, you need to treat the patient holistically and be able to get good results. Good results come from an accurate diagnosis which leads into an effective treatment plan. I think the most important course we offer on ProD that will change your practice success is the one by Sharon Weizenbaum on Clarifying Diagnosis.

We look forward to helping you build your most successful practice!

Dr. Lorne Brown B.Sc., CA, Dr.TCM, FABORM, CHT

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