Are Acupuncturists Unethical?

Are Acupuncturists Unethical?

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On the contrary (au contraire for our French colleagues)!

The acupuncture profession attracts individuals with high moral standards. Acupuncturists are kind, passionate health professionals who want to help people and make the world a better place.

Despite the fact that the calling to be an acupuncturist attracts caring practitioners with strong ethical mindsets, many acupuncture regulatory bodies require a minimum number of hours of continuing education in ethics to renew our acupuncture license. And for good reason: caring and kind does not always translate into safe and ethical.

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So, which areas of ethics should acupuncturists concern themselves with?

Common safety and ethical concerns such as:

  • Inadequate chart documentation and improper record keeping of patient visits
  • Inappropriate touching and dating
  • Patient and practitioner safety.

The majority of practitioners are practicing ethically and safely; regardless, those licensed with the following regulatory bodies are still required to fulfill minimum hours in ethics continuing education:

  • NCCAOM - 4 hours
  • British Columbia (CTCMA) - 4 hours
  • Australia (AACAM)- 4 hours
  • Florida (FSOMA) - 2 hours* (specifically related to prevention of medical errors)
  • Texas - 1 hour.

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Here’s what practioners are saying about our ethics courses:

Acupuncture during Pregnancy: Safe and Ethical Practice

"Thank you for such a thoughtful and relevant course. It was an excellent way to fulfill the ethics requirement with practical clinical information." 
~ Jennifer

Integrity in the Healing Relationship: Ethics for the Health Professionals

"Interesting course. I learned a lot about charting and how to deal with difficult patients.
" ~ Kristie

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For more on ethics, check out these FREE recordings:

These courses are all approved by: Australia, ABORM, Alberta, California, CTCMA, Florida, Illinois, NCCAOM, New Zealand (NZRA) and Texas and count for CEU/PDA/CPD credits.

As always, Pro D Seminars is here to help you advance your practice and advance the practice of acupuncture and TCM around the world. We look forward to your comments.

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