Acupuncture: Science demonstrates the ancient sages got it right!

Acupuncture: Science demonstrates the ancient sages got it right!

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Thank you Dr. Ed Neal for giving more credibility to the medicine I practice!

It can be disheartening when biomedical studies make conclusions that acupuncture has no benefit. These conclusions are often based on poorly designed and flawed studies resulting from trying to fit what acupuncturists provide into a different medical paradigm. 

We live in society where we believe only what we can measure. And what we observe has to conform to our current boxed in model of the world; the dominating scientific paradigm. We have seen this throughout history (the world is flat and the sun revolves around the earth) so it is really nothing personal against Chinese medicine.

It was inspiring to watch Dr. Ed Neal's two lectures (free below) on how the ancient sages really understood the human physiology and anatomy from a functional perspective. He easily weaves between classical Chinese medicine and conventional science illustrating how they both are observing similar features and functions but using different terminology. In my opinion, he is able to validate the points and channels exists using  biomedicine. His background as both a medical doctor and licensed acupuncturist plus his ability to read medical Chinese makes him a valuable resource and teacher. Dr. Neal’s primary research interest has focused on the study of classical Chinese acupuncture based on direct translations of classical texts, particularly the Huangdi Neijing (Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic 黃帝內經). 

It feels good when deep inside you know what you're doing is providing value to others. But it feels great when it is validated by others. Dr. Ed Neal distils what may seem so mysterious and complex and makes it accessible to the masses.  

Please enjoy the two free medigogy webinars below. Dr. Neal is also teaching a CEU/PDA approved course on January 18th & 19th, 2014, a Live Webinar,

 Neijing Acupuncture: Exploring the Roots of Chinese Medicine, approved for 12 CEU/PDA/CPDs). All of Dr. Neal's teachings will inspire and motivate you to study the classics, and also provide you with the confidence and language to communicate to others that Chinese medicine is valid and works.

~ Dr. Lorne Brown  B.Sc., CPA, DR.TCM, FABORM, CHt
President of Healthy Seminars Inc ( &
 Founder of Acubalance (  

Customer Questions:

 I cannot watch the live webinar, so if I register today for Ed Neal's live webinar for January 18th & 19th (to save $100), do I also have access to the recording?  

YES. You receive 1-year access to the recording when you register for any Pro D Seminar Live webinar, even if you miss the live stream.      

Can I still receive the 12 CEU/PDA/CPD if I watch the recording and not the live webinar? 

YES. We provide you with a certificate of completion. California treats live webinars as Live CEUs. All 50 hours can be done via live webinars, and a max of 25 hours via recorded courses. The NCCAOM does not discriminate against online learning, so all 60 hours can be completed through recorded or live webinars.

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Medigogy FREE Recorded Presentations presented by Dr. Ed Neal MD, L.Ac.:

Shen as the Basis of Acupuncture Technique

Classical acupuncture offers a radically different view of the human body and of the practice of Chinese medicine. In classical medicine, the body is viewed as a complex ecosystem, whose architecture and circulatory patterns were derived from detailed observations of the patterns of nature. Acupuncture was understood to be a sophisticated technique used to restore the circulation of the body’s ecology. The primary goal of a classical acupuncture treatment was to reestablish the smooth flowing circulation of the body’s waterways, rivers and streams. As originally defined, it had little to do with point-action theory. For the classical acupuncturist, classical channel theory was one of the fundamental cornerstones of clinical knowledge.

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Introduction to Classical Acupuncture

Up until the 1960s, any substantial discussion of Chinese medicine was based almost entirely upon scholarly interpretations of the Chinese medical classics. For centuries, these types of philosophical discussions have been the mainstay of Chinese medical theory. In the late 1950s, this style of medical scholarship became eclipsed by the emergence of the politically expedient phenomenon of TCM. It was this new practice of TCM that was passed to the West in the early 1970s and represents what most people will recognize as being Chinese medicine. However, for 2,000 years prior to this, it would have been inconceivable to consider oneself a competent physician without acquiring at least some understanding of classical source material.

Among the medical classics, the Huangdi Neijing Suwen and Lingshu stand out as being the primary root texts from which all subsequent theories of Chinese medicine have been derived. Despite this undeniable importance, the knowledge and clinical information contained within these precious texts has, for the most part, been lost to modern understanding. During this lecture, Dr. Neal will discuss some of the historical roots and background of this important text.

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