Intensive bootcamp with Christian Nix

Mainstream Practice,  Fast Implementation, Boot Camp
San Francisco on September 27, 28 & 29, 2013

How would your career change if you could:

  • Present in front of physicians about acupuncture and holistic Chinese medicine in a way that earns their trust and inspires them to collaboration so that they seek you out and send you referrals in ever increasing numbers
  • Approach a hospital or physician-group practice exuding the confidence that comes from knowing how to appeal to their exact needs, knowing that you can deliver a valuable service to their practice and knowing that you can command a wage equal to that value
  • Create and launch marketing campaigns that target the exact qualified prospects you most want to serve so that you consistently dominate in your location and in your specialty

These are just a few of the topics Christian Nix is going to overview in this CEU approved event.

Boot Camp

Mainstream Practice,  Fast Implementation, Boot Camp
San Francisco on September 27, 28 & 29, 2013

This incredible event will only accommodate a limited number of registrants so CLICK here to sign up and hold your place.

Can you afford to wait while others make their move to the best opening in the mainstream?

If you understand that the era of healthcare reform is now upon us and that enormous opportunities are now open to you to position yourself for massive success in the mainstream,

Then you won’t want to miss this.

Best regards, 
Christian Nix
Founder and Chief Instructor;
Barefoot Medicine LLC and
Hospital Based Acupuncture Training

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Day 1: Ultimate Clinical Skills

Your private practice skills are not enough!

What is the difference between private practice skills and Hospital Based clinical skills?

Breakout sessions:

  • Lightning-fast diagnosis and needle skills
  • ultimate clinical skills
  • Medical Massage and ‘Barefoot’ skills that pay the bills

Day 2: Presentation and Communication skills for the Mainstream – The Pivot of 21st Century Practice

This is the bridge. Learn how to present and you immediately increase your value to the Mainstream.

  • How to present like a pro
  • How to handle physician objections
  • What is the one thing that gives you control and confidence in any dialogue with any Mainstream professional?

Day 3: Marketing to the Mainstream

Presentation and Communication skills are not marking skills.

  • How do you package your service and pitch a hospital or mainstream administrator?
  • ‘Cold-call’ basics
  • How to follow up without being a nuisance
  • Setting the agenda for your first meeting

Come learn from people who is successfully pitched 2  hospitals on 2 continents.
Learn what works! The HBA Boot Camp is the first and only training of its kind.
If you want to breakthrough too mainstream or hospital based practice you need to be here.
Your chances have never been better for mainstream practice success.  
In the era of healthcare reform, hospitals and mainstream settings are looking for you!

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Christian Nix will be offering a 2 hour CEU/PDA approved live webinar on September 3rd on Building Strong Acupuncture Referral Relationships with Medical Doctors . Register Now!