Master Tung’s Essential Points for Gynecological Conditions

Give two examples of channel pairings. For one example please provide a pair that is of the same polarity (i.e., two yang channels paired, or two yin channels paired), and for the other example use a pair that is of opposite polarity (i.e., one yin and one yang channel). Please do not use the interior-exterior pairings (e.g., Lung and Large Intestine are interior-exterior paired).

Please explain the method of finding the live point as opposed to finding points solely by proportional measurement or anatomical location.

What is one of the benefits of Dao Ma needling?

Name one commonly used Tung point for women’s health and describe some of its indications.

Explain why Xian Gu ST-43 is useful for dysmenorrhea as well as abdominal cramping and diarrhea, especially when Liver patterns are involved