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I have made available to you the hiring process I use for new Acubalance patient coordinators.  Please type in your email and information below to receive the detailed hiring process and forms we use for our interview process.  I also have  included the advertisement we use to attract candidates to apply for the position.

I also want to share some other resources with you.


Medigogy: The Study of Health and Wellness Online

Medigogy.com is a free online resource for health professionals. To be more valuable to our patients we need to continually invest in ourselves through continued learning. Medigogy offers over a hundred free 60 minute lectures (including handouts) on practice management, functional medicine and Chinese medicine.

You can follow this link to see the list of practice management classes that will help you grow your practice with integrity.  Again, all Medigogy webinars and handouts are online and are free.  You only need to set up your free account and then you have access to every lecture on the site.

Missing the Point: Why Acupuncturists Fail and What they Need to know to Succeed

I wrote this book for my acupuncture colleagues but the principles are universal and apply to any health professional.  I took my knowledge and experience of being a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) and from running a successful integrative clinic and distilled these success principles down to an easy to read book.  The feedback has been positive and you can read a few chapter excerpts from the website.

You you can order your copy online and  take advantage of free shipping anywhere in the word until November 30, 2016.

Integrative Fertility Symposium

Healthy Seminars 3rd annual Integrative Fertility Symposium will be held in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from March 30th to April 2, 2017. The Integrative Fertility Symposium (IFSymposium.com)  is open to all healthcare providers with an interest in treating reproductive health issues.

The 2017 IFS theme is The Reproductive Circle of Life. 

The lecture tracks include Fertility --> Pregnancy --> Pediatrics --> Menopause and Practice Management

Watch a 3 minute on what makes the IFS so special that it sells out 8 weeks in advance.

The schedule is available online.  Turn your phone horizontally to view.

You can also view lectures by the 5 different tracks >>

Pro D Seminars

Pro D offers professional development and continuing education for Naturopath and Acupuncturists all online.  So no need to travel to fulfill your CEU/CME/PDA requirements.

You have 2 years access to the recordings and handouts to complete for CEU/PDA.  You can access your courses as often as you like from anywhere you have internet.  Certificates of completions are stored in your accounts.  Courses have a free preview so you can evaluate the course before registering.  Courses also have feedback  from others who have already completed the course at the bottom of the course registration page.

What steps are necessary to complete a Pro D Seminars online course?

I hope you enjoy all the resources above.  Wishing you success  and abundance.

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