Eight Extras and the Childbearing Cycle: Labor and Birth

1. How might you talk to a pregnant patient about her “due” date? How long is gestation typically for a first time mother (primipara)?

2. 38 year old female, planning a mid-wife attended home birth. You are called to the home to perform acupuncture because the mother has been laboring for 48 hours and is still just 2 cm dilated. Write a point prescription for this patient, and explain the physical and emotional state you would like her to be in upon your departure.

3. You are attending a birth with privileges. All goes well, and the baby is born without incident. Unfortunately, after one hour the placenta is still not born, and the mother is beginning to bleed heavily. If you had to choose one point to needle vigorously, what would it be?

4. Which vessel is most important to treat in the first 24-48 hours after birth? Write a point prescription and explain your choices.

5. 4 days following a C-section, a new mother is having difficulty with her milk coming in. Which points would you treat to facilitate milk let down? What dietary and herbal recommendations would you give?