I was recently considering getting into teaching and thought your site might be a great way to start.

We advertise very heavy compared to the TCM profession. ProD Seminars regularily prints in 4-5 different journals/newsletter print ads and lots of web advertising. We therefore have high standards for our lecturers and courses.

To be part of our online library we prefer at least 20 years experience in your field or be published in the area you want to teach.

Live courses are individually assessed but similar to online for qualifications to teach for Pro D.

Webinar (live streams) are less restricted, however we still need to be sold on the idea of making your course and putting in the time, money and effort any successful course requires.

We are often asked, "How much money can I make?" It depends on you and the topic.  We have many courses that make money and many that do not make money.

We represent teachers that are passionate about the materiel and feel the need to share. (Education rarely is equal to good money).  Our job is to try to find the talent and then promote it. Our primary goal is good education for TCM, not money.

If you are still interested please send the following

  • detailed resume
  • website address
  • proposed course title
  • proposed short description
  • total course hours
  • type of course
  • be prepared for a detailed outline
  • be prepared for a detailed quiz (assessment tool). Min, 10 questions.

From there we can evaluate further whether you would be a good fit with ProD Seminars.