I want to register for and watch my course now but do not need my hours for renewal until next year?

You can register and watch and learn from the course now. You have 2 years form the date of registration to complete for CEU/PDA/CPD.

The date on your certificate for recorded courses is the date you pass the quiz. So take the quiz during the reporting period that you need the hours. Again, the quiz triggers the date on your certificate of recorded courses.

The certificate will be generated and stored in your account once you complete the feedback (program evaluation) form.

You can watch the course now and complete the worksheet. It is the quiz the triggers the date on your certificate and the feedback form that triggers your certificate to be generated in your account

Fo live webinars that you attend, it i the webinar date and not the quiz date that is on your certificate. So if you attend a live webinar online then the date on your certificate the stream date regardless when you do the quiz.