I don't want to pay online. What can I do?

We encourage on-line registration through our website. Often we like to give away online freebies to those who registered online. Also, this allows you to keep track of your order history and get immediate conformation.

However, if you choose not to pay on-line you may send a Canadian money order or bank draft (we do not accept personal cheques) with the addition of $25 to the regular course enrollment fee.

Contact us Online before sending money through the mail to make sure there is still availability for your course

Please make all money orders/bank drafts payable to ProD Seminars™ and mail to ProD Seminars™ at Suite 250, 828 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V5Z 1E2. Money orders and bank drafts must be received before 30 days before course date. Otherwise on line registration is mandatory.

For more information you may also call 778-861-3826 or Contact us Online