I am having trouble printing my slides

All ProD courses come with PDF format slides.

Once the course is open and playing (paused), click on the right upper hand corner of your player called "attachments".  There will be a link to print slides.  Click the slides you wish to open. Depending on your computer and browers either they will open or ask you to download them. All of our slides are in PDF format and may be printed.

If this does not work, then your computer is likely blocking the slides/notes popup window.  Pro D Seminars cannot do anything on our end.  It is related to your computer security.  Please choose to allow popups. (This may be part of your firewall, anti-virus or browser settings depending your system).

For the MAC issues on printing slides from your website. The user needs to click on "SAFARI" on the top left menu drop down, and then uncheck "Block Pop-Up Windows". Then Click on "Print Slides". The PDF should pop up at that point.

Course notes and slides are now also attached to each course page. The notes and slides inside the player and on the course page are the same.