Chinese Medicine in the 21st Century: Integral and Evolutionary Perspectives by Lonny Jarrett

Lonny Jarrett will be teaching a 2 hour live webinar on Thursday, October 25th on The Clinical Significance of Emptiness, Spirit, and Ego in the Practice of Chinese Medicine.

The following attached article, Chinese Medicine in the 21st Century: Integral and Evolutionary Perspectives, (free download below) reading material to stimulate some thoughts and discussion for the upcoming online course streaming live THURSDAY October 25th, but we are offering the article attached below to all who are interested.

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The articles and free one hour recordings are sure to motivate you about your sense self and ho wit impacts how you practice Chinese medicine. To really explore this topic deeper register for Lonny's CEU/PDA approved live webinar and earn 2.5 continuing education credits.

Course description:
One of the great strengths of Chinese medicine is its ability to generate a unique and nuanced diagnosis by differentiating each individual. But few of us have an authentic understanding of the absolute and universal dimensions of the self. It is through knowing ourselves that we know our patients. In this lecture I will discuss the ground of being (0), the authentic self (+1), and the ego (-1) as the absolute dimensions of the self. It is the one pointed perspective of simplicity obtained “at the center of the circle” that cuts through clinical complexity. -

Quote form article:

“If you wish to bring about real healing,
you must first and foremost treat a person’s
heart. You must bring the heart on the right
path, so that it can be filled and sustained
by a universal sense of truth. You must get
it to a place where it can safely abandon
all doubting and worrying and obsessing in
senselessly looping patterns, where it can let
go of any anxiety provoking imbalances, and
where it is willing to surrender ......."
—16th century Korean physician Hur Jun
(Chinese: Xu Jun) in Dongyi baojian (Precious
Reflections by an Eastern Physician)

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