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Arya's Nielson - The Science of Gua Sha. TCM 09/03/2014 Acupuncture is Effective for Chronic Pain Beyond the Placebo Effect: The Science of Gua sha Therapy

Gua sha therapy produces an anti-inflammatory and immune protectant effect that treats pain, acute and chronic illness with potential to slow degeneration of chronic internal organ disease.

05/05/2014 Chinese medicine offers hope to women of advanced maternal age who are trying to conceive

The largest population seeking assistance from Chinese medicine is women of advanced maternal age who are trying to conceive. This can be a very rewarding or extremely frustrating aspect of your practice, depending on your level of expertise in working with them.

04/19/2014 5 Steps to building a successful fertility practice

As a TCM/acupuncture practitioner, you already know this. But hanging a shingle on your door stating you treat infertility (or listing it on your website) isn’t enough. To build a thriving practice, you need to do some legwork that is guaranteed to pay you back ten fold.

acupuncture and infertility, acupuncturists treating infertility 03/06/2014 Staying Relevant, Bringing Value: Tips for Acupuncturists Treating Infertility

If you create good value for others (and they perceive it as good value for the fee you charge) then you can enjoy a rewarding and busy practice. Acupuncturists should look to treating areas such as advanced maternal age or egg quality.

Acupuncture: Science demonstrates the ancient sages got it right! 01/10/2014 Acupuncture: Science demonstrates the ancient sages got it right!

It was inspiring to watch Dr. Ed Neal's two lectures (links in full story) on how the ancient sages really understood the human physiology and anatomy from a functional perspective.

law of attracting acupuncture patients to you, law of attraction 01/04/2014 The Law of Attracting Patients to Your Acupuncture Practice

You may not be aware of this, but by investing in yourself from weekly study you will actually attract more patients to your practice. It took me a few years to see the pattern, but after a while it became evident. Allow me to share...

Top Seven Reasons Why Acupuncturists Choose Pro D Seminars for their  Continuing 01/04/2014 Seven Reasons Why Acupuncturists Choose Pro D Seminars for their Continuing Education Needs.

Top Seven Reasons Why Acupuncturists Choose Pro D Seminars for their Continuing Education Needs.

online acupuncture / tcm learning education 12/29/2013 Acupuncture Continuing Education Showdown: Online Learning vs. In-Person Seminars

Many state TCM and acupuncture regulatory bodies and associations are interfering with the success of their members by limiting the number of continuing education credit hours they can earn online.

acupuncture ceus, best acupuncture ceus online 2013 12/15/2013 Best of 2013 Acupuncture Continuing Education

Check out the list of courses that your colleagues chose to study, fulfill their continuing education requirements, and deepen their TCM knowledge - ah, the love of learning.

Leon Hammer Pro D Seminars online CEU 12/09/2013 Leon Hammer

Articles on Chinese medicine and acupuncture by medical doctor and L.Ac Leon Hammer

building your acupuncture practice, four areas that need trained acupuncturists 11/07/2013 Four areas that need more trained acupuncturists

I have found my happiness and practice success by becoming skilled and knowledgeable at treating conditions where the general public's needs are NOT being met by main stream medicine.

ABORM CEU Approved courses 11/06/2013 How ABORM certification put me on the map as an Acupuncture Fertility Expert

I wanted to become ABORM certified (Fertility Acupuncturist) for selfish reasons. I wanted to separate myself from other acupuncturists and stand out as the obvious first choice for the public and for MDs looking for an acupuncturist to treat infertility and increase their chances for IVF success.

10/26/2013 Have you received your acupuncture certification to be a parent?

You ever wonder why we need a license to drive or practice acupuncture, but anybody can be a parent?

acupuncture for menopausal hot flashes 10/23/2013 Women use to think they were hot stuff until they met this acupuncturist

I have been practising since 2000 and I am always looking for areas where Chinese medicine can offer something both safe and effective that western medicine cannot, or at least not as effectively or as safe.

10/23/2013 If only we were taught herbs and formulas this way in Chinese medicine School

It is better late than never to be inspired! Back in the late 1990's when I was completing my Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine studies I thought of the 'classics' as boring and irrelevant. My professors failed to inspire our class and we really did not think they applied in the modern era.

10/23/2013 Garbage in Garbage out - Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day AOM

To celebrate AOM day we chose four courses with a 'diagnosis" theme because your clinical success is dependent upon an accurate diagnosis. And most of cannot diagnose

Subclinical hypothyroidism acupuncture 07/24/2013 Treating Subclinical Hypothyroidism with Acupuncture

Subclinical hypothyroidism is often under treated in conventional medicine leading to miscarriages and repeated failed IVF cycles, yet TCM can really make a difference especially since it is not 'unexplained' using our TCM differential diagnosis

acupuncture children, acupuncture for children 07/17/2013 The BEST new Niche for Acupuncturists

To build a successful and thriving practice you need to get results and stand out amongst the masses. The public feels more confident seeing an 'expert' rather than a 'generalist'. Explore a niche area that can help build your practice: treating children.

CEU approved courses on chinese medicine 05/23/2013 Is TCM Really Chinese Medicine?

Classical Chinese Medicine is enjoying a gentle renaissance. CCM is a less standardized, more holistic approach. Many practitioners subscribe to the theories of CCM (even instinctively) but may be surprised to realize that what they do in practice is incongruent.

Lorne Brown, ProD Seminars 05/15/2013 TCM Kongress a Must for your Acupuncture Bucket List!

Last week (May 7-12 2013) I attended the six-day TCM Kongress in Rothenberg, Germany, attended by 1,200 delegates and 110 speakers from 15 countries. If there was ever an acupuncturist's bucket list, the TCM Kongress should be on it!