ProD Seminars NCCAOM PDA Spotlight May 2013

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Optimizing Ovarian Reserve - Brandon Horne (10 CEU/CPDs)

Brandon HorneThis course presents a comprehensive approach to treating patients with declining ovarian reserve. In the past, it has been assumed that women with declining ovarian function cannot get pregnant or that they should consider donor eggs. In fact, there are many reversible factors that can cause premature ovarian failure. There are also strategies that can be used to improve ovarian function in women with advanced maternal age. This online seminar will cover the causes and treatment strategies for improving ovarian reserve.

Approved for ABORM, Alberta, Australia (AACMA), California, CTCMA, Florida, Illinois, NCCAOM, New Zealand (NZRA), Texas. Register NOW>> (use coupon code NCCAOM until May 31, 2013).

Addressing the Root of all Disease: Secrets for Treating Digestive Disorders - Heiner Fruehauf (4 LIVE CEU/CPDs)

Heiner Fruehaf, TCM practitioner and instructor with ProD SeminarsGlobalism has introduced a diversity of foods from all over the world into our diets as well as increased the use processing, additives, preservatives, genetic engineering, pesticides, hormones, chemical fertilizers and mono-crops. Faced with these rapid transformations in food production, locale, and seasonal availability, it is no surprise that a large percentage of our patients are suffering from digestive issues ranging from allergies/sensitivities to chronic inflammatory bowel conditions. This live webinar streams on Saturday June 29, 2013 9:00 am PDT covers the clinical experiences of Fruehauf's teachers as well as his own personal experiences from two decades of patients treating chronic patients by regulating the Earth element and better replenishing post-natal qi.  

This online webinar is approved for 4 CEU/PDAs for Alberta, Australia (AACMA), California, CTCMA, Florida, Illinois, NCCAOM, NZRA, Texas. Register NOW>> (use coupon code NCCAOM until May 31, 2013).

We also recommend:

Treatment of Intertility: The Complete Series - Jane Lyttleton (19 CEU/PDA/CPDs)

This course covers the approach and specialist knowledge a TCM practitioner needs in order to have a thorough understanding of the basis of infertility from a TCM and Western medical understanding. Diagnostic methods and treatment options are discussed in detail, as well as dilemmas and advantages of combining Chinese medicine with IVF programs. Recorded instruction, 300+ slides and attachment abstracts. Covers: Becoming a specialist in infertility, analyzing the menstrual cycle, IVF and Chinese medicine, preventing miscarriage, dealing with endometriosis, polycystic ovary disease, lifestyle, diet and more. 

Approved for ABORM, Alberta, Australia (AACMA), California, CTCMA, Florida, Illinois, NCCAOM, New Zealand (NZRA), Texas. Register NOW>> (use coupon code NCCAOM until May 21, 2013).


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In addition to those listed above, we have literally hundeds of hours of clinically-relevant webinars and online courses available that can help you build your practice through new techniques and practice-building confidence. Fertility, pregnancy, cancer treatment, practice management... we cover these topics and many more in our extensive list of courses. And, they all help fulfill your regulatory board's requirements. Our online courses are taught by seasoned practitioners such as Jane Lyttleton, Debra Betts, Heiner Fruehauf, Peter Deadmn, Lonny Jarrett and Sharon Weizenbaum. In three words, Pro D Seminars offers Knowledge * Confidence * Success.

Here's more benefits of taking your continuing education online with Pro D Seminars:

Learn from Top Practitioners

Our roster of instructors include seasoned TCM and Acupuncture practitioners like Debra Betts, Heiner Fruehauf, Huang Huang, Jane Lyttleton and more. Because you're learning online, you've got access to the world's best from the comfort of your own home... no need to travel.

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Sign up today, receive access to course files and videos, and start learning right away. Complete the assessment/quiz, and download certificates immediately from your ProD account.

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You get 180-day access to course materials after purchase, meaning you can learn when you have time. No set times for courses/logging in. Live webinar materials also available 180 days after purchase, just in case you miss some of the live stream.

Study Online, Anywhere

Save time and travel costs by learning online. All you need is fast Internet access. No DVDs, it's all online... meaning, you can study at the office, and then pick up again at home.

Course Learning is Just the Beginning

After your course or webinar, continue to interact with fellow classmates and presenters in our free online Forum. Post case studies, ask questions, and gain insight from seasoned TCM and acupuncture colleagues.

Approved Provider NCCAOM

Pro D Seminars courses fulfill requirements for TCM/Acupuncture Continuing Education for NCCAOM, California, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Massecheusetts, ABORM, CTCMA, Alberta, AACMA, NZRA, and UK (BAC). 

Remember to use coupon code NCCAOM to save 20% on all ProD Seminars courses until May 31, 2013!
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