If only we were taught herbs and formulas this way in Chinese medicine School

If only we were taught herbs and formulas this way in Chinese medicine School

Lorne Brown

If only we were taught herbs and formulas in TCM School the way Stephen Boyanton taught this formula lecture in his free 1hr Medigogy webinar........ It is better late than never to be inspired! Back in the late 1990's when I was completing my Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine studies I thought of the 'classics' as boring and irrelevant. My professors failed to inspire our class and we really did not think they applied in the modern era. It was only after being introduced to the likes of Dr. Huang Huang, Ed Neal, Sharon Weizenbaum, Heiner Fruehauf, Z'ev Rosenberg and Sabine Wilms (Yes, I am a slow learner so it took several encounters with the above to see the light) did I only begin to realize that I was trained to be a barefoot doctor and I could be so much more effective in clinic if I studies the classics. Luckily for me I believe you can teach an old dog new tricks but in this case the tricks are also 'old'. Stephen Boyanton did an excellent job, in an under an hour I may add, to demonstrate how more effective your herbal treatments can. It requires an understanding of the Shan Han Lun and Jingui Yaolue. I encourage you to watch just the first 25 minutes of the free video below and see if you are inspired. Watch the full hour and you will have hope that you can become more confident and effective in your herbal prescriptions. I am grateful to Ed Neal MD, L.Ac for introducing me to Stephen.

~ Dr. Lorne Brown B.Sc, CPA, Dr.TCM, FABORM, CHt (Founder of Acubalance.ca, Pro D Seminars and Medigogy)

Free Recording is now available:
Shanghan lun and the Jingui Yaolue: Why You Can't Be an Advanced Chinese Herbalist without Studying Them - presented by Stephen Boyanton MPhil MS LAc

Click link to watch free 1hr lecture - http://www.medigogy.com/archives/shanghan-lun-and-jingui-yaolue-why-you-...