Graduate Mentorship Program GMP 2016 with Sharon Weizenbaum

Graduate Mentorship Program GMP 2016 with Sharon Weizenbaum

White Pine Healing Arts is offering a two-year graduate mentorship program, taught by Sharon Weizenbaum, for those students and practitioners who have completed or are soon to complete a foundation Chinese herbal training. During the program, students become involved in a community of practitioners and receive steady contact and in-depth involvement with the material and resources over two years.

Download the 2 year GMP syllabus below

Excellent lectures on by Sharon Weizenbaum.

1. Intake and Diagnosis: Case Examples with Sharon Weizenbaum Part 1
2. Intake and Diagnosis: Case Examples with Sharon Weizenbaum Part 2
3. The Remarkable Wen Jing Tang for Treating Infertility
4. The Importance of a Clear Diagnosis Part II
5. The Importance of a Clear Diagnosis Part I
6. Key Points for Treating Bleeding in Gynecology

Online courses approved for PDA/CEU/CPD by Sharon Weizenbaum ..

More information on the 2 GMP..

GMP 2016 Syllabus177.08 KB


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This unique mentorship program will offer those willing to learn as well as promote these alternate healing therapies. This has immense therapeutic benefits over the body although it is discredited as a pseudoscience. It is good that such institutions are providing these kinds of new learning options for students. image editing services india


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