Uterine Fibroids – 60 Years of Chinese Clinical Experience

Uterine Fibroids – 60 Years of Chinese Clinical Experience


Very informative.

Very informative. I'm currently treating a patient with fibroids and this information has been immensely helpful in constructing formulas and also speaking with my patient.

Excellent topic

Excellent topic - I feel honored to have direct experience from a practitioner in China with a wealth of experience. ~ Christian

Fantastic course!

Fantastic course! I would love to see more material from Dr. Xu and other CM practitioners with his impressive clinical experience. ~ Richard

excellent course

excellent course ~ Qiaoli

This seminar is the remedy

This seminar is the remedy for typical boring--when are you going to teach me something that I don't know--CE classes. It is an extremely well done, and informative course. All TCM herbalists specializing in gynecology should take this course.

I have been treating uterine fibroids on my clinical practice for 13 years and long ago gave up using Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan, and since have achieved very high success rates. When I heard about this class, I contacted Eric Vander Wal
of BeTCM-TV who created this class. Through our communication, I was convinced that that by taking it I would increase my success rate even more.

This class did not disappoint. Each segment of the class takes the student deeper and deeper into the diagnosis and treatment of uterine fibroids based on pattern diagnosis, with a the perfect dash of western science and clinical
knowledge(not overly seasoned like too many courses) and minus the instructor Bravado. Rather, Dr. Sheng gets right down to brass tacks.

I quickly began to integrate what I have learned into my custom formulas and have had extraordinarily fast results in controlling bleeding and pain. Keep in mind that I already had amazing results with my patients so the knowledge from this course has taken my practice to a new level. It is without reservation that I recommend this class.

~ Juliette A

Interesting and thorough

Interesting and thorough explanation of formulas.

Informative and useful

Informative and useful
~ Gila