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Physical pain may, at first glance, appear to be among the less serious conditions that Chinese medical practitioners see in their clinics every day. However, the symptom of pain is rapidly evolving into the major problem seen in Chinese medicine clinics around the world, and dependency on narcotic medication is becoming a clinical issue in its own right.

In this online course, Dr. Heiner Fruehauf will discuss herbal strategies for treating a variety of clinical pain scenarios including pain from acute injury, structural imbalances, arthritis, neuropathy and pain associated with conditions of chronic inflammation (eg Lyme disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Course work will emphasize learning to address the root cause of pain in order to move beyond palliative care toward true rehabilitation.


  • Understand the importance of clinical differentiation and treating the root cause of disease when addressing pain
  • Gain deeper understanding about the physiology of pain from a Chinese medical perspective and the mechanisms by which Chinese herbs restore healthy physiology and relieve pain
  • Learn how to integrate the issue of pain killer dependency in the treatment plan of a typical pain patient
  • Learn how to clinically apply herbal formulas, single herbs and herb pairs that can be used in the treatment of pain
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Herbology, TCM Theory
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Course Reviews

Thank you! I enjoyed the beginning of the lecture most - especially regarding the translations and history of the understanding of the lung.

Was excellent!

Very succinct and well organized! A real boost for his personal formulas which I am eager to try!
~ Emily

Excellent, enjoyed beginning with larger view of what pain is from classical perspective.

Overall great and informative course. Thank you!
~ Bastian