The Treatment of Infertility - The Complete Series

Treatment of Infertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine - Online Seminar


Best course thus far.

Best course thus far. ~ Julie

Jane's videos were fantastic

This course was excellent and Jane's videos were fantastic. It is a great source of information and not to be missed if you are wanting to learn more about all aspects on TCM and infertility. A great foundation course especially if you are interested in preparing for the ABROM exam. ~ Heather

Excellent attitude and

Excellent attitude and approach with an emphasis on continued development and research which is something we all need to do more of.
~ Catherine

Very informative. A great

Very informative. A great prep for ABORM exam or practitioners specializing in IVF.
~ Christa

Great course I would highly

Great course I would highly recommend it.
~ Lisa

I really learned a lot from

I really learned a lot from this course. Jane is a fabulous speaker and so easy to listen to.
~ Catherine

Great Course! I will have the

Great Course! I will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from this course immediately in my clinic. I'm very satisfied.

This course has so much

This course has so much information in it, it is very well explained and Jane Lyttleton is a pleasure to listen to.

Interesting and engaging!

Interesting and engaging!

Jane Lyttleton is an

Jane Lyttleton is an excellent instructor, and Pro D presented her course effectively as a webinar.
~ Heather S.