The Treatment of Infertility - The Complete Series

Treatment of Infertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine - Online Seminar


I'm confident

So very thorough, it gives me a great foundation for treating fertility patients. I have been hesitant to accept fertility and IVF patients, as it is expected that practitioners have a great deal of specialised knowledge in this area. Having done this course, I feel like I understand all the current knowledge and crossover with Western medicine. Also, I'm confident with applying a refined Chinese Medicine diagnosis, with extra tips on herbs and formulas. ~ Christine


A full course indeed! A great comprehensive course on how to look at the infertility and how to treat it. I'll be able to use what I learned and put it into practice. ~ Hyeon-Jin

Jane sets the bar very high for other CE courses

Took this course in 2008 and the content is much improved! Great then, but amazing now. Much appreciated updates to the curriculum. Very relevant to what we are seeing clinically nowadays.
Jane sets the bar very high for other CE courses. I've always loved the quality of her instruction. ~ L

a pioneer in Chinese medical

An excellent course by a pioneer in Chinese medical treatment of fertility in the West. ~

great course.

This was a great course. Jane Lyttleton was so engaging and easy to follow.

I loved this course

I loved this course. Jane Lytteleton is an inspiring lecturer.I only wish I had done this course years ago! ~ Lisa

Jane is fantastic!

Jane is fantastic! ~ Gayatri



Best course thus far.

Best course thus far. ~ Julie

Jane's videos were fantastic

This course was excellent and Jane's videos were fantastic. It is a great source of information and not to be missed if you are wanting to learn more about all aspects on TCM and infertility. A great foundation course especially if you are interested in preparing for the ABROM exam. ~ Heather