Excellent Course! Jane Lyttleton is phenomenal! The information provided in this seminar can be implemented immediately into one's practice! I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone specializing in the treatment of infertility.
~ Jeffrey

Many Western women are leaving childbearing later than biology intended; their hormones and their husband's sperm counts are affected by modern lifestyle and environmental pollutants; and metabolic syndromes, rapidly becoming epidemic in affluent societies, are damaging ovary function. In many cities numbers of "assisted reproduction technology" clinics are multiplying in response to a large and growing demand by these couples unable to have children."However their success is limited and many women are requesting help from doctors of Chinese medicine who offer a gentler and more holistic approach in addressing infertility."

China has a long history of addressing fertility difficulties and using this knowledge and adapting it to our modern western situation TCM doctors have something very significant to offer.This course will cover the sort of approach and specialist knowledge a TCM practitioner needs in order to have a thorough understanding of the basis of infertility from a TCM and Western medical understanding. Diagnostic methods and treatment options will be discussed in detail, as will be the dilemmas and advantages of combining Chinese medicine with IVF programs.


  • What does it mean to have a practice focus in infertility?
  • Where is the best place to start? Knowing the ground thoroughly - the menstrual cycle in detail.What are the things I need to ask and be aware of when taking a case history?
  • How does the patient chart her menstrual cycle and how does that help me?
  • How do I diagnose female infertility using all this information (TCM analysis and western diagnostic reports)?
  • How do I treat female infertility with herbs and acupuncture?Male infertility - how can we treat sperm disorders with TCM?
  • Changes in lifestyle - are they necessary?
  • What if there is endometriosis, polycystic ovary disease or other gynecological conditions?
  • How do we prevent miscarriage once our patient is pregnant?
  • How do we work with technological reproductive medicine, like IVF?

The seminar includes a power point presentation of over 300 slides and abstracts added to the attachmnet section. 


  • Introduction- Becoming a specialist in infertility
  • Analyzing the menstrual cycle
  • Information required for taking a complete case history
  • Charting the menstrual cycle
  • IVF and Chinese medicine
  • Treatment of female infertility
  • Miscarriage
  • Research
  • Case histories
  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis 
  • Male Infertility 
  • Lifestyle and Diet 
This Course Includes:
Acupuncture, Biomedicine, Herbology
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Jane Lyttleton


Jane Lyttleton,
BSc Hons (NZ), M Phil (Lond), Dip TCM (Aus), Cert Acup (China), Cert
Herbal Medicine (China), Fellow AACMA, Reg AHPRA.
Jane qualified first as a research scientist and then as doctor of Chinese medicine. After thirty years of TCM clinical experience and having had the privilege of working in gynaecology hospital departments with some of China's best known specialists, she sits comfortably with the logic of both Chinese medicine and western science and feels both can contribute greatly to positive therapeutic outcomes for the patient.

Jane is a Director of a multi modality medical centre in Sydney where she practices TCM focusing on her specialty in gynaecology and infertility.
She is also the Director of the Acupuncture Pregnancy clinics in Sydney and Melbourne. These clinics provide a complete and compassionate holistic service for infertility patients and for IVF patients who wish to prepare for IVF, and receive support during and after IVF. They also provide a framework for collecting data and carrying out research (in conjunction with WSU and IVF clinics).


Jane is the Author
 of the preeminent text on the treatment of reproductive
disorders with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): “Treatment of
Infertility with Chinese Medicine”. Published by Elsevier in 2004 and 2013 in 3 languages and now in its 7th reprint.
And co author of The Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine Volume 1, 2 and 3 published by WSU and Pangolin Press.

She lectures at universities in Sydney and internationally.


The Treatment of Infertility- a Review

Posted on June 21, 2009 by Yael

onlineI am very happy to post this review by Yael Saslove.
Yael is a known practitioner in Israel for various reasons- she’s one of the pioneers in our community who specialized in Chinese Medicine Gynecology, one of the first teachers of Chinese Medicine Gynecology in Israel, she also taught Chinese herbs and she’s a very busy practitioner.
She’s been this busy for years, and manages to juggle it all with family life, smiles, kindness and modesty.
I knew that if I will get her seal of approval of Jane Lyttelton’s courses I can be 150% sure that these courses offer real practical information for practitioners, and that it’s all good- really good.

I feel proud that one of my more important teachers of Chinese Medicine obliged to write on my humble blog, and that I can give you an expert’s opinion on an online course which is only a few mouse clicks away.
I hope this review helps you on your professional path.


We live in the age of abundance; abundance of knowledge, books, seminars, practitioners. It seems as if the abundance of knowledge and progress is so great that even if we study day and night, we will never keep up with the pace. As a working mother, with limited time and concentration skills, I find myself having a hard time finding professional knowledge of high quality. After in- taking all I can from the knowledge in Israel, attending every workshop, seminar, lecture, congress, foreign lecturer I can put my hands on, I am still hungry for more and chasing teachers or going to symposiums or seminars abroad is not possible for me right now. Then I came across a new and refreshing medium of information: Online courses.

Pro-D Seminars is where one can buy online courses and DVD’s of Chinese medicine seminars by a wide range of practitioners such as Jane Lyttleton, Peter Deadman, Mazin Al-Khafaji and more.
As a practitioner of Chinese medicine who specializes in gynecology, I am a fan of Jane Lyttelton.
Jane is one of the best writers and lecturers in Chinese medical gynecology, especially in the aspect of infertility and combining Chinese and modern medicine. Her online course is a combination of a few seminars on infertility that she gave in the United States to practitioners. It is possible to buy a single course dealing with one subject, such as IVF, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, Male infertility etc.
I took the complete series that includes all subjects together.

The course is divided into various chapters. Each chapter is a discussion on one certain subject. Each chapter is between half an hour to an hour an half. On the screen are the slides of the lecture and her voice is in the background. Throughout the lecture you can go back and forward, stop, see the length of each slide and see the total length of the chapter. The slides run very smoothly, no stagnation or stasis.
Technically, the course runs impressively well. A quiz is given in the end of the course, with the possibility of taking it twice, send it and receive a certificate.

Jane speaks very clearly, articulating every word. If there is a word, phrase or information that is more complex or not clear, you may easily go back to listen again, a function that is not so simple in a real live seminar. When tired in the middle of a chapter, you may stop and return later, while the exact spot is saved for you.

The verbal part of the course is the main part, not the slides.
The course is built so that the main information of the lectures comes from Jane’s speech, the professional material, personal information from her clinic and her life experience. The slides are basic notes backing her, therefore it is not sufficient to read the slides, the main information comes from her. The slides and handouts given at the seminar can be printed out in PDF format. This way the student can follow what is said and write down notes on the slides.

The information is fascinating. Jane claims in the beginning of the seminar that she will give everything she has and hopes that at the end she will have no more to add. Another part that I liked is the fact that she believes that if the base of the theory is solid enough, intuition will guide the practical side. This means that if you truly understand the material, you will know how to treat your patient intuitively. Therefore, most of the main part of the course is based on introductions and theory in a very in-depth manner. The practical part – acupuncture points and herbs are the less dominant part of the course. The points given are basic but occasionally she provides further details on a point or herb she uses and gives her personal reflection on the matter. Jane compensated the lack of in-depth discussion of herbs by providing herbal research and through that emphasizes the different actions of herbs, for example, the effect of Yang tonics on ATP, hormones and different bodily functions.

The first chapter of treating infertility with Chinese medicine and IVF is a very interesting introduction to specialization. Jane gives a fascinating introspection on what it means to be a gynecology expert, professionally and emotionally. Information, that I find to be very important, and apparently is the same throughout the world. Jane gives a detailed report on western procedures and where we as Chinese medical practitioners can support the process.
Throughout the seminar rare photos of ovulation, ovaries, follicles, western procedures etc. are interwoven into the slides. Jane Lyttleton lectures and works mainly in the west, so that the technical information of where and how the couples receive infertility treatments is different than in Israel, not by far, but different. It is my opinion, that as practitioners that work with infertility patients, it is important to know what is happening worldwide. The information provides a good prospective in comparison to what is happening in Israel (information that should be acquired elsewhere). The hormones given to the woman are mostly the same.

The main dis-advantage of a course of this format is not being able to see the lecturer. At times Jane points out or demonstrates something that is not visible, but if we are attentive enough it is possible to guess what is going on.
Another point is not being able to ask questions, as an average Israeli it is a hard temptation to withstand. But never the less, when practicing patience, I concluded the course with no questions unanswered.
Despite the fact that the lectures are built in an orderly fashion and very professional, it is my opinion that there is still an advantage to receiving information straight from the practitioner in a frontal lecture.

In conclusion, Jane Lyttleton’s online seminar on infertility is professional, updated and provides the highest level of information on this subject.
For the first time I encountered convenience, availability, the possibility of studying within my time limits and having Jane Lyttleton in my living room. Of course I would have preferred to have seen her in person, but since that is not possible right now in my life, Pro-D Seminars provides a wonderful substitute for professional development that I would not have been able to acquire elsewhere.

Jane is an excellent lecturer and highly knowledgeable in this field.
~ Elizabeth C

I was pleasantly surprised at how convenient and informative this online course was. I learned a lot and with a 5 month old baby, it was convenient for me to do some online learning while she napped. The course content and online quiz were well written and organized. I will do more online courses in the future :)
~ Adrienne

I enjoyed the course, already using knowledge gained in my clinic.
~ jack C

Very helpful program, I found that I was able to use the information immediately in the clinic with great results!
~ Joi T