In Western biomedicine, the endocrine system is the most important control system in the human body. Often correlated with the San Jiao in Chinese medicine, the endocrine system controls all aspects of our physiology. Two of the most important glands are the thyroid and adrenals.

The modern patient, assaulted by an unprecedented level of nutritional deficiency, chemical toxicity, vaccines and other drugs, radiation exposure and constant dis-stress, has the most compromised endocrine health of any population in human history. Autoimmune diseases, now numbering 155 and affecting 1 in 6 Americans, frequently affect the endocrine glands.

Chinese medicine, to be relevant, must adapt its approach to the needs of the patients we see. Complementary assessment tools for thyroid and adrenal health, and specific use of nutritional therapy, an often-neglected pillar of Chinese medicine treatment, are critical for all clinicians to best aid the people in our care.

This seminar educates AOM clinicians in the comprehensive and accurate assessment of thyroid and adrenal function, and in effective natural support of their optimal function—using diet, and food- and plant-based supplementation. Learn practical tools for improving life quality in your patients, by promoting the health and repair of these critical glands.

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Course Reviews

Great course! It exceeded my expectations, and I was able to gain information that will help me next week in my clinical practice.
~ Tamara

Frankly, I expected it to be a very l o n g day watching an 8hr webinar.
However, I was pleasantly surprised as content was informative and presenter engaging. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Thank You :o)

Michael is a wealth of information and a good presenter.

Great seminar. I use SP and MH so really appreciate seminars given my acupuncturists on these topics. Excellent, informative, and very motivating seminar.
~ Janie

I cannot do supplements in my state as I am not a licensed Naturopath (it's not in the scope of practice of an acupuncturist) so I cannot implement much of the treatment suggestions. However the review of the physiology of the adrenal and thyroid functions was very useful, and I will be able to better explain to my patients how the endocrine system functions and how the (thyroid) medications they are taking may not be the
most effective treatment for them.